Thursday, August 31, 2006

All work and no play...

STINKS!!!... so even though I have stuff I should be working on, I CHOSE to to this! LOL It's for a swap, with my girls over at Scrapmuse. I never do swaps anymore ...simply because of TIME..... but I really wanted to do this with the girls. If I would have had more time, I certainly would have made all of them very different and unique, but each persons is a bit different from the other.

It was most fun, to wrap each one in it's own little funky package, with a little suprise inside, along with the card.
I'm gald I took time to to somthing I really wanted to do. I guess we all have to stop and do that now and then, right? Today, I hope you all get to do something you really WANT to do!

hey hey hey...good bye

Well, Jarad has finally decided he is putting his Celica in Storage untill he has time to really finish it the way he wants too. Right now , with work and school, he just doesnt have time. Winter is comming , and his dear old mom and dad, want THEIR cars in THEIR garage! LOL

It's not that we're being mean... He has, this car, his beater-redneck truck, his work car, and his explorer... not to mention, a dirtbike and a three wheeler!!! I have been having a fit.... It was seriously starting to look like a used car lot around here! FINALLY....he got a storage unit ,and today... IT'S GONE!
He can park his truck at the cabin, so he can just get it when he needs it to haul I've now got him down to TWO !!!
na na na na, na na na na ...hey ...hey...hey...goodbye!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's late

It's after 1am, and I dont know why I'm still up...but I was finishing a layout I was doing with a picture of "The Tilly's", and decided I wanted to put some of the song lyrics on the page. I googled ..Tilly and the Wall lyrics, and I am still in shock at all that there is out there on them!!!

I was freaking out! Check this out. TILLY AND THE WALL RING TONES !!!

There are literally pages and pages of info on the Tilly's,RNWE:2006-30,RNWE:en&start=80&sa=N

I am so glad I'm the Aunt and not the mom, cause I can BRAG!!! I am just so stinking proud of these kids, I cant begin to tell you! Not only are they talented , they are just the sweetest bunch of kids you could ever meet!
If you havent seen them perform, and you get the chance... GO!!! The energy is unbelieveable!... not just them, but the entire place! The are having so much fun up there, it just flows over into the audience, like nothing I've ever seen before.
The Tillys are on another European tour right now, not sure exactly where tonight.... but wherever they are....... HELLO TILLY'S!!!! WE LOVE YOU NEELY JO!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Just goes to prove...

The crazy girl with the camera, will take a picture of ANYTHING! lol Yep... I DID IT! Went for a shorter doo! I've been working my way to it, and finally took the plung. Why did I grow my hair out anyway? I dont even remember now? Feels so much better!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

ahhhhh Rainy day!

A nice relaxing rainy Sunday! It's been one of those days when you just want to curl up with a good book. Well, that didnt exactly happen, but it was a nice day.
Wes spent most the weekend at a friends in Omaha, so he stopped here for dinner on his way back. I think he was at a show at the Zoo Bar in Omaha last night, taking in a band. Jarad was in Lincoln at a friends last night, but home today, working on some "mechanical"thing in the garage. Anyway, nothing fantastic, just a day a home... but as a mom, there is just something about having your kids at home, even if they are just hanging around doing there own thing. Atleast they are home! Maybe there is just some comfort in knowing where they both are , for once! LOL
My sis, Sharon called today, and we chatted for quite a while. Hope that darn hurricane turns around. She was in line getting gas, before the lines got any worse. She said that they were already sending tourists home from the Keys. They have had enough with the hurricanes already!!! NO MORE PLEASE!
Well, I'm going to try to get a few things done so I can get to bed at a decent time tonight. I love to sleep when it's raining. aaahhh!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

For the LOVE of Stamps!!!

I have come to the realization , that I LOVE STAMPS! I've been collecting stamps for years ,but there are just SO MANY really cool stamps out now, I just WANT them ALL!
I have a bunch of unmounted stamps,and I have the clear acrylic blocks for stamping with them, but the otherday when I was over at Paula's I saw that she had done something really cool with some of her unmounted stamps, and I just couldnt even believe I hadn't thought to do it.....because it totally makes sense! She had taken her unmounted stamps and just mounted them on simple wooden blocks. (which I have tons of!!) So last night, I got mine out and mounted them!. I even used wooden spools for some of my really tiny ones, and it worked perfectly! Thanks for the inspiration Paula! I just know that I will use those stamps alot more now, just because they are out were I can see them... and READY to use! YIPPEE!!!

I LOVE STAMPS!!! I love "Magnetic Poetry" stamps! They have SO MANY cool new stamp sets. The themed stamp set kits are my faves! They were kind enough to sponsor some of my upcomming classes, and sent these sets. They are definatly going to get some use , that's for sure!

Paper Salon and Technique Tuesday Stamps are now among my worst obsessions! WALK AWAY VIC!....just walk away! LOL

Friday, August 25, 2006

Finally Friday

Happy Friday!!! Seems like the weeks just fly by.... Wow! I didn't have a very eventful day today, but did get one layout done. It's one I did with "Fancy Pants Designs" papers , and the photo is of the "Tilly's". (Our "Neely" is in the middle).

I'm working on an assignment for "Scrapbook Answers"
that I need to finish up by Monday, so I'm hoping I keep the creative mood going.

I did get a fun BIG box in the mail today! ADHESIVES!!! Woo Hoo! Have you ever seen anyone get so excited about tape runners???? LOL

Short post tonight... I'm off to play with paper and scissors... OH... and adhesives!!! LOL

Thursday, August 24, 2006

On the road again

I wasn't home much at all today... And today wasn't exactly
the most pleasant day to be out driving when your airconditioner isn't working well! See those Cows? Well, they are walking towards the nearest airconditioner! LOL or not!
Poor cows, I don't think they get those.
I went to moms for lunch. (brother) Ray was there, and had Hunter(his grandson) with him. He had taken moms car to have all new tires put on it, and then he and Hunter, where trimming trees and doing yard work at moms. What nice guys! Anyway, we all eat lunch together, then the guys took off, and I waited and took mom to pick up her car when it was done. I don't know why I forgot to even take out my camera and take some shots, (of actual people) LOL. Well, anyway, I hate to post on my blog without pictures. My writing it just WAY to boring for that! (Like these pictures are exciting) Tee Hee If the cows weren't too much for you , I bet the other picture has you thinking????? Well, I was looking at the stuff I have hanging on my rear view mirror, and thinking about how some people have stuff hanging from their mirrors and some don't. DO YOU??? Start looking at the things people hang from their mirrors, it's really interesting! I DARE you to hang something on yours. (but don't let it obstruct your view, I don't want to be responsible for any accidents!) LOL OK, here's the explanation of mine... The necklace with the round wooden piece on it, is from our trip to the Black Hills (with Craig, Candice and Jerri), the leather bracelet with the stone, my friend Deb brought me from Italy when she went, and the shells , my friend John brought back from Hawaii. (it's all a TRAVEL theme, get it???) ha
Here is the GRAND view, coming over the hill into Morris Buff. ( I'm grasping here, I know...But work with me)
At last , home sweet home... A reprieve from the squeltering heat! Tomorrow is supposed to be much cooler... Yippee! To get that , we have to have rain tonight. Thunder and lightening... oh goodie, Molly can climb on our heads all night, because she's scared. Oh poor little 70 pound pup!!!

Not again

Yep he did it again. he just cant leave his hair RED! What's wrong with red hair anyway? LOL
I fell asleep early last night, so didnt get these posted, but Wes was home for a bit. Long enough run some errons in Fremont and dye his hair again! He had a band gig last night ,and was feeling a need for a change, I guess? This isnt the first time, so I should be getting used to it. He always has been the "free spirt" of the two boys. They couldnt be more different , when it comes to personal style. It just makes me smile! I'm glad they get along ,and can apprieciate eachothers likes and dislikes now that they are older.
My redheaded son, was supposed to be dark brown when we were finished, but it sure looked black to me. Oh well, hair grows right? LOL
I asked him what inspired him to want to do this .. and he said,... "aah , dont know, just wanted to", but as I ( the ever prying mother) listened, I think there is a new girl in the picture. LOL
Anyway, havent talked to Wes, but hope his show went well last night!

I tried hard to snap some pictures of Jarad yesterday, at the same time, before Jarad walked out the door to work, but it was a NO GO! He flew out the door! He is good at avoiding the camera. He walked out the door , leaving Wes as a sacrifice!LOL

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Now this I like!

This weather is much much better than the last few weeks, and I can tell my plants think so too. A little rain, and some relief from the heat, and they are looking much better. I love getting up everyday an seeing my plants out on the deck. I cant stand the thought of winter!!!
I used to really like winter, and even SNOW, but the thought of it now.. NO!! I just want to enjoy my FLOWERS!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

New CS baby stuff

I've been working on some things with the new CS papers and baby girl stuff.
I used a wood block and wooden beads from Lara's Crafts to make the photo holder with the baby images on it. It was fun to make. I have some other similar ideas , I'm dying to try out, as far as the photo holders. It feels good to be doing some altering projects. After I do layouts for a while, I start urning to ALTER somthing! LOL

Well, I'm really feeling like a country girl these days...even gone back to hanging my clothes out on the clothesline! Well....because my dryer quite, and the part is ordered ,but wont be in until the end of the week. Actully I LOVE the smell of line dried clothes...but when I'm in a hurry, the convienience of just throwing them in the dryer is greatly missed! If it's true that things come in three's, I should be done!! PLEASE! First it was car trouble, then dental work, now the dryer! ENOUGH! LOL
I shouldnt complain, I'm thankful everyone is healthy!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Just like Christmas!

I love this Quilt! I wish some of these vintage fabrics were

scrapbook papers!!! Oh, how great

would that be? I'd be in heaven!

I really worry that things like quilting will become a dying art. I dont know how to
quilt... but wish I did! Maybe someday!
I have great admiration for those who do!

I had to wait until today so I could photgraph these , and post them. Yesterday I blogged about going to Paula and Rons, and what fun it was.... well, on top of being the best host and hostess ever, they are the most giving people ever! (Them and my sister JAN, of course!) LOL Anyway, Check out this altered art piece that Tracy did for me. She is a wiz in photoshop! YES... that is MY face!!! Now if my hair was only really that gorgeous and I was that skinny and beautiful!!! LOL Being a mermaid, and having a baby ,might be wierd, but hey, if sacrifices have to be made... well... LOL
Is that crazy cool , or what? I LOVE IT! Thanks so much Tracy!!!

As for the quilt... that is one of the quilts that Ron and Paula got at an auction. Some were finsihed and some unfinished, but Paula is a quilter, so she can work her magic on the unfinished ones. I have always been intruiqued by quilts, and the eclectic style and mix of patterns on this one really had me going. Well... I dont know how I rated, but it ended up comming home with me! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
I'm telling you it was just like Christmas!!! Now I'm a beautiful mermaid with a cool quilt! LOL

Splish Splash

Had a great time a Paula and Rons tonight! Yummy dinner, great company, and entertainment! LOL (the entertainment was in the pool!) Those boys had the water flying everywhere, I can tell you that much. LOL They were having a ball! The two bigger boys are Tracy's ... Luke and Sam. Jarron, is the neighbor boy. It was so fun watching the kids have so much fun! I had to run grab my camera.

These do not look to me , like kids that are ready for summer to come to an end!

Luke is carrying the load , on this one!

With all the kids and Grandkids that are in and out of Paula and Rons house, they definatly get some major use out of that pool!

It's always great to get to spend time with them. Got to see some of Paulas new creations. She does beautiful work!
Tracy amazes me with her photoshop stills! I need her to give me lessons.
Ron grilled us steaks. Twice baked potatoes , corn on the cob , salad,and french bread...hows that for a perfect meal?
I think I'll call and see what they're doing tomorrow??? LOL

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Some stuff

It's upload day at ScrapMuse, so my layout are ending up here too, I guess. It's a good place for family to get to see them. This first one is of my sweet little neice , Lynsay! I took this photo of her , just sitting on the swing on the fourth of July, being her sweet little self! What a doll! She has to keep up with three brothers... and trust me, she holds her own pretty darn well...but yet she is just so quiet and sweet. All girl

This is my friend Gabby and her little pup NADIO! LOL
Oh Nadio... what a big old Teddy Bear. He just lays aroud the house like a king! Gabby and Tracy dont have any babes yet, so trust me...when they do, I think Nadio will be in for a Rude awakening! LOL He thinks he's their BABY!

I've been working on odds and ends of things this week, just catching up. I was happy to get a layout requested from Scrapbook Trends today. It was one of Mom, and it's for a "Tribute" section in the December issue. If anyone deserves a tribute , it's my ma ma!!!LOL
By the way, she is doing really well after her eye procedure yesterday! She is one amazing woman!

I broke down and closed up the house to turn on the airconditioner again. I hated to ,because I love having the house open, but it was really humid today. It was so funny, I was sitting her at the computer a minute ago and noticed something on the window outside.(its almost midnight is it's definatly dark). There are always bugs, moths, ect that are attracted to the window because of the light in my room at night...but I noticed this out of the corner of my eye , because it was pretty big! I glanced over , and it was one of those cute little froggies, with the suction cup feet!
We used to see them alot when we first moved here, but I havent seen them for a few years. I was pretty impressed...because he had quite a climb ...considering , I'm on the second floor! I hope he was holding on tight! LOL (that's taking ...wanting a "midnight snack" to a whole new level!!!! LOL

Thursdays Thoughts

Well, I survived the dentist! I laid low yesterday, stuck around here and took Excedrin. I'm not sure I needed the Excedrin for the discomfort of the HUGE filling that he had to drill out and redo, or from the headache, I got when I found out the crown was going to cost $ 560!!!! Good Grief! Sorry, but I think that is just RIDICULOUS!!!!
Insurance MAY cover 1/2??? Dont know yet. I have 2 weeks to 2 months to go in to get that done.

Decided to post a couple of the new things I've been working on . I found this old clipboard at the second hand store , here in town, and decided to alter it. I used the
New Fancy Pants papers and chipboard. The Christmas layout , is one I just finished with a picture I took of Nathaniel, Sean ,and Mathew on Christmas Ev last year! Do I have the cutest little nephews or what! I LOVE these kiddos!!! They were so excited about passing out gifts. We have these santa hats that we pack away with the Christmas stuff every year, and then pull them out , when it's time to open gifts. The kids get to wear them, and pass out the gifts to everyone. ** Remember, there is alot of us... so it's a big job! They get SO EXCITED!!!

I talked to Wes last night, and it sounded like his first day at his new job went well. He is so much like me though, when it comes to being a creature of habit. He said it seemed so strange not to go to his old job, because he has worked there for so long. He.. like me , sticks with what he does for quite a while, so it seems like a Huge change when it does happen. He seem excited about it though, so that's good.

Jarad had been working long hours ,and then going to 24 hour fitness after work most night. I said to him the other day...."Boy, you are getting buff", and he just laughed. He will be starting back with classes in about 2-3 weeks, so he will really be busy then.

Well, back to work for me! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another beautiful morning!

Beautiful Morning!
It was another beautiful morning this morning. So nice to be able to wake up ,and have the windows open, and have it be so nice and cool!
I started my morning routine and got my sun tea ready to set out on the deck for the day. As I was sitting it down on the deck railing I looked down to see the sunlight hitting my hydrangea bush, and it was just so pretty!
The summer has just gone by way to fast for me! I'm not ready to have to start thinking about cold, slushy, snow, sleet, YUCK! I do love fall, so atleast I have that to look forward to, but summer still just seemed to fly by!
I worked on a project with NEW FANCY PANTS DESIGNS papers today, but it got to late by the time I was done, and the light wasn't good for taking a photo, so I'll share it tomorrow. I LOVE those papers!
Tomorrow Jan(my sis) is taking mom to Omaha to have the procedure done on her other eye tomorrow. The first one when really well, so hopefully this one will be the same.
I will be busy at the dentist! (YUCK again). I DREAD the dentist! What a thing to have to deal with right away in the morning! I'm not a m0rning person anyway, and my appointment is at 9am. The first day of CHA I had a Cap fall off one of my bottom molars, so the day I got back , I was in and had it put back on. Less than a week later, the filling on the tooth right above it .. CHIPPED! It's not hurting or anything, but I am determined to be proactive about things like this! Aren't you proud of me? ( I wonder if it's too late to cancel???)

Ahhh.... fresh air!

Oh, it feels so good to turn off the air conditioning and open up the house to get some fresh air in!!!
I love having the house open, but it's just been so hot!!! It seems like the air has been on endlessly!
It was so nice and cool this morning , the first thing I did was open the windows!
Had the girls her for lunch today , and that was really fun! It's amazing how fast the time goes by though! Before I knew it, everyone had to start heading for home. Glad for what time we did have though... it was great to sit an chat. Dont know why I forgot to break out my camera....boy , I'm slipping! LOL
I realized that tonight, when AGAIN, I did have a photo to post here. I figure my writing is pretty boring for the most part,... so I atleast like to give you something to look at! LOL
Well, I decided to dig back into the archieves a bit! I looked back in my files to see, if there was ANY layouts that I did A LONG time ago, that I still kind of liked, (or could atleast stand). I ran accross this one. Its really simple , but I love the photo. The photo is one I took of the road to our cabin , one fall. This layout was in a book that was put out by "Fairy Tale Creations" , a few years ago. The Vellum strip with the saying was one of their products. I dont even thing they are in business anymore. Hey, maybe that's what burned me out on vellum? LOL
Off to bed for me... lots I want to get done this week, so here's hoping for a productive one!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

New project!

Well, that last couple of weeks have been pretty interesting. I'm excited about my new project. I have signed on with "Lara's Crafts" to design kits for them. Lara's sells wood hobby/craft pieces in Hobby Lobby, Micheals, Walmart, Target ect.. One of the first kits will be a bracelet I designed using thier wood pieces . Something on the order of this. They seem very open to new ideas and excited about getting started, and so am I! So here's hoping it all works out well! I'm Pretty jazzed about it!

It was another rainy day here today, but we need it, so that's a good thing. I had plenty I needed to be doing to day, but I managed to take a little snooze on the couch...and boy did it feel good! I rarely do that...very rarely...but sometimes it just HAS TO BE!!! LOL

Having a couple of friends her for lunch tomorrow , so looking forward to that. I'm really trying hard to manage how much time I spend (in my room working) better. I was just spending way to much time in here for a while. I have really neglected my family and friends this last year. (I'm the one missing out!) It's amazing how easy it is to get sucked in and get so wrapped up in what your doing that it's all you focus on. I had to take a step back and think about just how precious every day is... what wonderful friends I have ,and how much I miss spending time with my family.
Anyway, happy Monday to everyone, and a great start to your week!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saturday stuff

Spent most of today catching up on cleaning. It seems so pointless... it's just a vicious circle, that never ends! LOL

I didnt really have any pictures of anything exciting that I did today, ... didnt think you wanted to see my cleaning supplies.LOL So... the layout to the right , is one I did with this months Scrapmuse kit of my friend Debs little pup, "Cully". Is he the Cutest or what?
Its hard to see the little journal strips, but they say... "The real joys in life are found in the small things" ... Or in my case... there are two of them , and they are much BIGGER! LOL

Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend! I'll catch up with a longer post tomorrow... promise!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Rain.... finally!

I took these pictures the other day when I was coming down the road , about a mile from home. It has been SO HOT! Everywhere I looked irrigation was going in full force. I even felt sorry for the poor cows! Finally last night... RAIN! We need it so bad, I wont even complain about the fact that the lightening and thunder had Molly so freaked out, that she kept me up all night. I seriously have never seen a big dog that is such a chicken!

For those of you who wonder what wonder what life in Nebraska is like.... here you go! LOL Actually I cant wait to share some phots of Autumn in Nebraska with you....because it is really beautiful.
For now ...just thankful for the if it would just cool off , a little bit! I didnt leave the house today, because I got my share of it yesterday! LOL