Saturday, August 05, 2006

4H Fair Time for Jerri

I got up this morning and headed to Scribner to see Jerri show her 4H entries at the Dodge County Fair. I havent been to the County fair for years! It was so fun to see her in her little braids, jeans and ropers! LOL I was just so proud of her!! She was so serious about grooming her cow,(or bull, or steer, or whatever?LOL, I'm NO farm girl , can you tell?) Anyway, she did such a great job. I didnt stay for the entire day to see how she placed, so I'll have to call Craig to find out, but I know this much , she has really learned alot about showing! ( whatever they were) LOL

It this little guy the CUTEST or WHAT?????

She seems to be pretty happy huh?

I have a hard enough time with the "meat" thing, from time to time, but after today, it could really be a problem! LOL I love this picture!!!
Here she is showing the first cow. I was so impressed with how mature she was, and how much she knew about what she was supposed to do. I was watching them groom the cows before they showed them, and I even learned a couple of things. Did you know they use hair spray on them ... and black spray paint stuff on their hoofs??? Interesting!

She's tougher than I am , thats for sure. I couldnt even stand the smell of the "POO"!!! I was gagging! And trust me ... there was LOTS of it! (not a good place to be wearing sandles!)

It was really fun to see Jerri having so much fun today! Glad I got to go!

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Nat said...

Those pictures are too cute- but...I can see myself gagging with the poo! Yikes ;-)