Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Friends ...minus one

A day with the girls!

Daun Pam Julie

Today was a day spend with my girls! Pam , Daun,( Liz) , Julie and I , have been friends for years.
Friends... the kind that you can always count on... doesn't matter how long between visits, nothing changes! We all met years ago when we worked together at School. Julie and Pam are Early Childhood Special Ed teacher, and Daun , Liz and I was Paras in thier classrooms. Pam has now moved to Fairbury Nebraska, about 2 1/2 hours from here, so today, was "road trip to Pams" day! The only thing missing was Liz. She was out of town and not able to be here for this gathering. We really missed her. We certainly thought of her,and Julie read outloud the email Liz had send , updating us on what her and her family have been up to ... to catch us up on whats going on in her world. (We Missed you Liz)!!!!
We have had some great times together , through the years.
Like the time when we make Liz's van into a Dokey... or when Pam and Julie made the rounds to each of our houses one Saturday morning with a bunch of other girls we know, and took us each to breakfast (in our pajamas), or when we all sat on Santa lap in Kansas City! We've laughed lots and even cried some together over that years. We've helped at eachothers kids graduations, and now weddings. I remember how I felt when I turned around in the church , the day of my brothers funeral, and I saw these four women sitting there all together, a few rows behind me ......they didnt have to say a word, them just being there meant more to me , than they could ever know! Womens friendship can be a pretty amazing thing!

After meeting at Pams, we went for lunch ,and then Pam showed us around the town of Fairbury! Lots of really cool historic buildings in this town. If it was'nt 100 stink'n degrees, I could have taken pictures all day! LOL

Just a few of the cool things to see near Fairbury.

No , we didnt go into this biker bar, called the"The Salty Dog Saloon" ...but , it was certainly worth a picture! LOL

I'm so gald I walked away from the pile of stuff on my desk that needs to be done, and spent the day with my girls, because ...lifes just to short!
And I'm darn lucky to have them!


Nat said...

How wonderful you have so gorgeous friens - but that is because you are such a good one!!! Love the pictures - what is that with all those shoes on the Fence? It is funny ;-)

Sandy said...

Hi Vic, Yes - you are supposed to leave your studio! You are very fortunate to have such a great group of girlfriends and still be able to get together. Plus - your photos make me want to come to Nebraska

Jami said...

Vicki you are a awesome person so that calls for beautiful friends. I LOVE you pictures and good for you on getting out and about to enjoy yourself.

Pattyjo said...

Those are great pictures! I think you re-charge yourself when you take these awesome pictures!