Thursday, August 31, 2006

hey hey hey...good bye

Well, Jarad has finally decided he is putting his Celica in Storage untill he has time to really finish it the way he wants too. Right now , with work and school, he just doesnt have time. Winter is comming , and his dear old mom and dad, want THEIR cars in THEIR garage! LOL

It's not that we're being mean... He has, this car, his beater-redneck truck, his work car, and his explorer... not to mention, a dirtbike and a three wheeler!!! I have been having a fit.... It was seriously starting to look like a used car lot around here! FINALLY....he got a storage unit ,and today... IT'S GONE!
He can park his truck at the cabin, so he can just get it when he needs it to haul I've now got him down to TWO !!!
na na na na, na na na na ...hey ...hey...hey...goodbye!!!


Jami said...

Vicki you are not a mean mom at all. I think you are fabulous. And so are your boys. I am going to go check out the info on "Tilly", I did look them out a long while back when you first posted about them but need to refresh my memory. I might even have to get a new ringer. <3 Jami

Pattyjo said...

I remember when all my kids drove at the same time. We had cars everywhere.