Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's late

It's after 1am, and I dont know why I'm still up...but I was finishing a layout I was doing with a picture of "The Tilly's", and decided I wanted to put some of the song lyrics on the page. I googled ..Tilly and the Wall lyrics, and I am still in shock at all that there is out there on them!!!

I was freaking out! Check this out. TILLY AND THE WALL RING TONES !!!

There are literally pages and pages of info on the Tilly's,RNWE:2006-30,RNWE:en&start=80&sa=N

I am so glad I'm the Aunt and not the mom, cause I can BRAG!!! I am just so stinking proud of these kids, I cant begin to tell you! Not only are they talented , they are just the sweetest bunch of kids you could ever meet!
If you havent seen them perform, and you get the chance... GO!!! The energy is unbelieveable!... not just them, but the entire place! The are having so much fun up there, it just flows over into the audience, like nothing I've ever seen before.
The Tillys are on another European tour right now, not sure exactly where tonight.... but wherever they are....... HELLO TILLY'S!!!! WE LOVE YOU NEELY JO!!!

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Pattyjo said...

I certainly can understand why you are so proud of them! Congratulations aunty!