Thursday, August 24, 2006

Not again

Yep he did it again. he just cant leave his hair RED! What's wrong with red hair anyway? LOL
I fell asleep early last night, so didnt get these posted, but Wes was home for a bit. Long enough run some errons in Fremont and dye his hair again! He had a band gig last night ,and was feeling a need for a change, I guess? This isnt the first time, so I should be getting used to it. He always has been the "free spirt" of the two boys. They couldnt be more different , when it comes to personal style. It just makes me smile! I'm glad they get along ,and can apprieciate eachothers likes and dislikes now that they are older.
My redheaded son, was supposed to be dark brown when we were finished, but it sure looked black to me. Oh well, hair grows right? LOL
I asked him what inspired him to want to do this .. and he said,... "aah , dont know, just wanted to", but as I ( the ever prying mother) listened, I think there is a new girl in the picture. LOL
Anyway, havent talked to Wes, but hope his show went well last night!

I tried hard to snap some pictures of Jarad yesterday, at the same time, before Jarad walked out the door to work, but it was a NO GO! He flew out the door! He is good at avoiding the camera. He walked out the door , leaving Wes as a sacrifice!LOL

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Pattyjo said...

I love red hair. My DH has red hair and so do most of the grandkids.