Thursday, August 24, 2006

On the road again

I wasn't home much at all today... And today wasn't exactly
the most pleasant day to be out driving when your airconditioner isn't working well! See those Cows? Well, they are walking towards the nearest airconditioner! LOL or not!
Poor cows, I don't think they get those.
I went to moms for lunch. (brother) Ray was there, and had Hunter(his grandson) with him. He had taken moms car to have all new tires put on it, and then he and Hunter, where trimming trees and doing yard work at moms. What nice guys! Anyway, we all eat lunch together, then the guys took off, and I waited and took mom to pick up her car when it was done. I don't know why I forgot to even take out my camera and take some shots, (of actual people) LOL. Well, anyway, I hate to post on my blog without pictures. My writing it just WAY to boring for that! (Like these pictures are exciting) Tee Hee If the cows weren't too much for you , I bet the other picture has you thinking????? Well, I was looking at the stuff I have hanging on my rear view mirror, and thinking about how some people have stuff hanging from their mirrors and some don't. DO YOU??? Start looking at the things people hang from their mirrors, it's really interesting! I DARE you to hang something on yours. (but don't let it obstruct your view, I don't want to be responsible for any accidents!) LOL OK, here's the explanation of mine... The necklace with the round wooden piece on it, is from our trip to the Black Hills (with Craig, Candice and Jerri), the leather bracelet with the stone, my friend Deb brought me from Italy when she went, and the shells , my friend John brought back from Hawaii. (it's all a TRAVEL theme, get it???) ha
Here is the GRAND view, coming over the hill into Morris Buff. ( I'm grasping here, I know...But work with me)
At last , home sweet home... A reprieve from the squeltering heat! Tomorrow is supposed to be much cooler... Yippee! To get that , we have to have rain tonight. Thunder and lightening... oh goodie, Molly can climb on our heads all night, because she's scared. Oh poor little 70 pound pup!!!

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Pattyjo said...

I love the outside of your home too the railing is so cool!