Saturday, August 19, 2006

Splish Splash

Had a great time a Paula and Rons tonight! Yummy dinner, great company, and entertainment! LOL (the entertainment was in the pool!) Those boys had the water flying everywhere, I can tell you that much. LOL They were having a ball! The two bigger boys are Tracy's ... Luke and Sam. Jarron, is the neighbor boy. It was so fun watching the kids have so much fun! I had to run grab my camera.

These do not look to me , like kids that are ready for summer to come to an end!

Luke is carrying the load , on this one!

With all the kids and Grandkids that are in and out of Paula and Rons house, they definatly get some major use out of that pool!

It's always great to get to spend time with them. Got to see some of Paulas new creations. She does beautiful work!
Tracy amazes me with her photoshop stills! I need her to give me lessons.
Ron grilled us steaks. Twice baked potatoes , corn on the cob , salad,and french bread...hows that for a perfect meal?
I think I'll call and see what they're doing tomorrow??? LOL

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Pattyjo said...

I can never get enough of watching kids enjoying themselves!