Monday, August 07, 2006

Sunday evening at home

Wes was home tonight, so I made a nice dinner. He is always ready for a home cooked meal!! Jarad wasnt here. He was having dinner with his "new friend" at her parents house tonight. They live in a small town about 2 hours from here. She is going to college in Fremont.

Wes ate and then went straigh to the recliner and grabbed the remote. I think it was feeling pretty good to be home...since the farm house they are living in right now, doesnt have central air. They do have a window unit, but it's NOT energy efficient at all, so they try not to use it unless they have too. Anyway, I had to laugh, because he wasnt about to get any rest, because the dogs know , that when he's home , it's "PLAY TIME". They start out by just sitting there staring at him, and if the ignors them, they start in ...bringing the toys!!! And they DONT STOP... untill you PLAY!
Now that I think about it, it's pretty sick, the way these dogs rule our lives! LOL This is just ONE of thier toy baskets! SPOILED DOGS!!!

Oh, did I mention that when we got Molly, they told us, she would NOT be big! LOL
When I was at the Vet last month, she wieghed almost 70 pounds! ( I wonder what they consider big????)
Anyway, it was good to have Wes home for a while. Missed haveing Jarad here, but hope his night went well also.

P.S. I did talk to Craig to night, and Jerri got a PURPLE ribbon for her "Steer". And blue on the other. Way to Go Girl!!!!!

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Pattyjo said...

Dogs are wonderful! I love ours and we will always have them to spoil.