Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's all how you look at it


Recipe Book Class

Sharing the Recipe book that we will be doing in the Memory Trends Class. The class is for "Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage". The darling wood file folder album , papers and cooking stickers, and cotton scraps are all theirs. The ribbons, photo turns, brads, pins, and spiral clips are "Creative Impressions and the Adhesives by "Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L" I will be adding 3 cute little charms, (a knife , fork and spoon) to the little colored safety pins on the ribbons. I CANT WAIT. They just arent here yet, but are being sent by Fiskars, is providing the scalloped edge scissors .
I LOVE that little tiny stove!!! tee hee
The little fridg, is my other favorite image!
The new office stickers have tabs, lables and all kinds of fun clips that look so real and dimentional.
This page still has to have the photo add to the bottom part. Sandy has the perfect photo of a little girl that is cooking , feeding a begging puppy.

Creative Impressions was more that generous with what they sent. It was so fun to have such a great variety of ribbons to tie on the front. It was ribbon heaven!!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Oh so cool!

Well this has got to be one of the coolest country places I have ever seen. I had seen this place many times, but had never been to the "Hayloft Boutique" they have in the loft of this barn, untill last year. I called my friend Deb the first time I was there, and told her there was a cool shelf at a really reasonable price that would look great in her family room. Yep, you guessed it... it's hanging in her family room! LOL
At the time, all I could think of , and told, Deni, who puts this on and lives in the gorgeous place, that I HAVE to have the girls in my Scrap group come see this! Well, that hasnt worked out yet, but Deb and I have met there the last two times,( since its between North Bend and Fremont), and she loves it as much at I did when I first saw it. As a matter of fact, the place is for sale... and lets just say... Deb REALLY likes it! lol

Deni said this place was built in 1012.

Every little detail of this place is just so Beautiful. She really has a way with things. So quaint and sweet!It was a perfect fall day for this. Not to hot and not too cool.... just PERFECT!

I cant imagine her wanting to move and leave this place. I dont think I could!

I bought a few fun little things at the boutique, but the walk around the place and being able to take some photos was the highlight for me!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fun Stuff!

I swear , I'm just like a little kid, when it comes to art supplies! Yesterday when I was at borders they had a bunch of new Paperchase stuff. I LOVE it! Check out these little tiny colored pencils in a CD case. TOO CUTE! These are some of the goodies I got. Markers , paint, colored Pencils and pens. They are all tiny! LOL Really , though, they are perfect for taking with me when I travel, because they serve the purpose without taking up much space. It just pretty amazing what can make me happy, isnt it? LOL

Sweet Sandy from
Crafty Secrets, is so thoughtful, she ordered me this Rosemary oil, that she read about how they are helpful for migrains. It says that it is known for it stimulation, warming and general tonic properties good for mental fatigue. Sore muscles, hair and skin. It also supposed to help with memory (boy do I need that....maybe I should shower in this stuff!) ,and also for migraines.
I'm giving it a try! Thanks for being so thoughtful Sandy!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I told her I would

Took mom to her eye app in Omaha today. Silly Ma Ma, she didnt believe the crazy camera girl, when she said she was going to take a picture of her sitting in the room waiting for the doc.LOL Look at her, innocently smiling at me, (thinking I'm kidding). I'm still not sure she believes I really took this picture. I know she knew the fash went off, because the room was DARK, so it really lit thing up.LOL All the lights were off, because he was coming in to have her try to read the little letter chart.( Geez, hope I didnt mess that up)
She is the best mom ever! It was so nice to spend the day with her. I dont know any other 85 year old as active as she is. She's something! After her app, I took her to lunch at her favorite place. .... Yep "Long John Silvers" LOL We dont have one in Fremont anymore, and she really misses it. I would have gladly taken her to someplace much nicer, but this is what she mentioned ,that she would really like . What a cute little ma ma she is!
Other than that,.... stopped at Borders and got some goodies. I'll take a picture tomorrow . SO CUTE!! I also picked up copies of the "Scrapbook Answers Special Holiday issue" for Jan and Deb. Eventually, I'll be able to post pictures of the projects I did for that issue.

No headache to day either! Yay! I was really concerned, because the weather really changed , and it got ALOT cooler last night. That sometimes effects my headaches. Also the fact that they were cutting the beans, in the field behind the house yesterday and today! I was shutting windows like crazy yesterday when I heard them..... I could just image all of our allergies kicking in. (the allergy family moves to the country?) Makes sense to me! LOL

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's not everyday when...

WHEN YOU SEE AN ELEPHANT GOING DOWN THE ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can even imagine the lenghs I went to , to bring you these amazing photos today!!! LOL
I figured my blog was getting pretty boring ,so I better come up with somthing better. How about an ELEPHANT going down the hyway?
I should be working for National Geographic!!!! I will go to any lengths to get the shot! LOL

Here's how the whole thing started...
Jarad left for work about 2pm.. shortly after I get a call from him saying. "Hey mom, you want a funny picture"? Well my son knows me well, doesnt he? LOL He said , "I just passed an elephant comming down the hyway". "It's just at the curve... if you go up to the hyway, it should be comming past in just a couple of minutes". I run out to the car, with my camera, ...NO shoes, NO purse.... Just my camera. I'm thinking , since the hyway, is just up the road about 1/2 mile, it's no biggie, right? Well, when I look towards the hyway, ...there it is... going by......AND I'M MISSING IT! Well, we cant have that!!!.... SO I get on it! That elephant was MOV'IN!!! I finally caught up to it, but couldnt get around it. Atlast I got around it ,and a ways ahead, so that I could pull off the road for a good shot. As you can see, by the large variety of Butt shots here.... I wasnt quick enough! You know what's really embarrassing? I followed it half way to Schuyler!(about 7 miles) LOL
Man... it' just doesnt take much to amuse me does it? Oh well, I'm looking at it this way, it's gorgeous out today... a good day for a ride in the country! LOL

p.s Imagine what I might do for a real elephant? hmmmm

Busy Monday!

I worked nonstop today in my room, so I dont really have anything exciting to talk about, and I'm not finished with the project, so nothing to show. (sad face)
But.... I forgot I hadnt posted this layout, that I did a while back. It's using Fancy Pants Designs Papers. It's funny because the name of this line is "Vintage Summer", SO I thought this photo was perfect for them. This photo is one Kori (Paulas Daughter) had sent me. The little girl is her neice. What a cutie. It was fun to scrap!
I was working on the Recipe book for the Class in Vegas today. I'm so behind, since I've been dealing with migraines, I have to get going. I went two days with out a headache, but had one this morning again. This afternoon was much better. Hoping for NONE again tomorrow!!!!

I'm so excited to be a part of the "Page Frames" design team. We now have a forum to chat and get to know eachother better. What a nice bunch of girls! I'm SO looking forward to this new endevor, (but a bit intimidated by their amazing talent!) Tara Tuck and Kim Moreno are the owners ,and the Team consists of, Judi VanValkinburgh, Holly Vandyne, Kimber McGray, Sharly Balcean, Betsy Veldman and me.(Yippee!) Cant wait to see the cool things these girls are going to produce! They are going to be a fun bunch ... I can tell.
Off to bed for me..... more tomorrow!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Autumn in the air

You are really starting to be able to tell Fall is here! I usually love fall, I'm just wondering if this weather change , is'nt causing my migraine problems this week, to be worse. It certainly seems to be weather related. Since I was a kid, the doctors have always said that my sinus problems and my migranes so hand in hand, and I believe it. Unfortunatly Wes enherited this too. He came home last night, from Lincoln, with such a terrible migraine, he said he was concerned he wouldnt make it home. Let's just say ,the rice socks, have been working over time around here this week. There is only one thing worse than having a migraine, watching your child (no matter how old) have one. Glad he's better now. I sent another rice sock home with him when he left tonight.

If you have never made this mix, with dry roasted peanuts, m&m's and candy corn, DON'T!!! LOL These stuff is SO addictive! You wont be able to leave it alone! (bad news). My sister Jan always makes this.(she is such an enabler!) LOL

Slow but sure I have been getting out a few of my bigger Fall decorations. I never get out half of what I used to. (I'll getting lazy in my old age) LOL I have bins and bins of seasonal decorations , stored in the garage... and I just keep thinking , if I get them ,out then I'll eventually have to put them away. Can you say... LAZY? LOL What I need to do is have a BIG OL Garage sale! Oh yeah, that sounds like work too! Never mind!

Saturday, September 23, 2006


What a great day! Brent ,Diana and Nathaniel are just fantastic hosts! Everything was perfect. We had a great view of the airshow, the best company, and nice warm cozy house to be in, when it was chilly, and food that was totally unbelievable! I posted a bunch of photos, and some are small, but any you want to see bigger, just chick on, and Wha La... BIGGER!
We had so much fun! Visited, ate, laughed, ate, laughed...ate somemore, and laughed. We laughed so much ,and we so wound up, I think Brent and Dianas Neighbors think we are all nuts!
Jarad couldnt make it today, it was a pretty early start to the day, and he had to work last night.
Wes drove up to spend the day. Looks like he's showing Aunt Jan some pictures on his camera phone.

The air show was really somthing! We ended up having another suprise too. I dont know how Jan managed to keep this secret....but Keith walked outside and came back in , with a big sneeky smile on his face and said... can this stranger join us... and who was standing behind him but NEELY! What a SUPRISE! We knew she just got back last night, and would be SO tired, so we certainly werent expecting her to come to Lincoln. We were all so pleasently suprised! It was SO good to have her home , and with us! Smiles all around!
What's up... now Wes's hair is black and Neely's is Blonde? You just never know , with these kids. LOL
Wes thought he was being really tricky, putting his cell phone camera, put to the bionoculars to take a pic. I made fun of him...but it really worked!
I was saying ... I wonder what Grandma B would think of modern technology now. Could you imagine what our grandparents and Great Grandparents would think of all the things we have these days. Cell phones with camers, i pods, blackberries, DVD's, CD's laptops, ect... Like mom was saying , back when they were little they were lucky if ANYONE was there with a camera.

As always, we had so much GOOD food. Jan made this yummy cake. I made Gacamole, and Diana made all her specialties!!!

I never feel better than when I'm with my family. God, I am just SO lucky to have them!!!
Neely was showing her dad some of her pictures on her camera from Europe.
I loved the time in the car on the way there and the way back to just visit with mom. I feel like we dont get to do that as much as we used to. I dont know who is busier, me or her? LOL
We laughed so hard, watching Nathaniel, Wes and Neely all take their turn , riding Nathaniels New Wheels!

Everyone had so much fun! I was laughing so hard watching them ride, I was crying!
You have got to click on these pics to see them bigger, they are just way funny!

Yep, we never have any good food, when we get together. We all brought alittle something. I noticed I dont even have any photos of Brent and Diana posted. They were so busy running around being perfect hosts, I didnt really get that many shots of them.

These Grandkids love thier Grandma!
One thing about us... we may be a bunch of nuts, but we know what it means to be a family! We love eachother, support eachother, and love spending time together!
Grandpa would be so proud....he taught us well!