Sunday, September 24, 2006

Autumn in the air

You are really starting to be able to tell Fall is here! I usually love fall, I'm just wondering if this weather change , is'nt causing my migraine problems this week, to be worse. It certainly seems to be weather related. Since I was a kid, the doctors have always said that my sinus problems and my migranes so hand in hand, and I believe it. Unfortunatly Wes enherited this too. He came home last night, from Lincoln, with such a terrible migraine, he said he was concerned he wouldnt make it home. Let's just say ,the rice socks, have been working over time around here this week. There is only one thing worse than having a migraine, watching your child (no matter how old) have one. Glad he's better now. I sent another rice sock home with him when he left tonight.

If you have never made this mix, with dry roasted peanuts, m&m's and candy corn, DON'T!!! LOL These stuff is SO addictive! You wont be able to leave it alone! (bad news). My sister Jan always makes this.(she is such an enabler!) LOL

Slow but sure I have been getting out a few of my bigger Fall decorations. I never get out half of what I used to. (I'll getting lazy in my old age) LOL I have bins and bins of seasonal decorations , stored in the garage... and I just keep thinking , if I get them ,out then I'll eventually have to put them away. Can you say... LAZY? LOL What I need to do is have a BIG OL Garage sale! Oh yeah, that sounds like work too! Never mind!

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Pattyjo said...

They are beautiful autumn pictures! I love the wreath. I use to have tons of seasonal decorations too, the years would go by and I would put up fewer and fewer. Its just not the same when the kids are gone.