Friday, September 01, 2006

Bargain shopping is best

Oh man, do I LOVE a good deal! Today I went milling around in my favorite junky second hand store here in my little town! Sounds like fun huh? LOL, oh actually this place... Is kind of like " dumpster diving".LOL But you just have to be in the mood to scavenge, and think
" outside the box", a bit. You can get some really great stuff! How does that saying go... "One mans junk, is another mans treasure"? Well, see that wood shelf to the far right? uh um... $3.98!!!! Now that's what I'm talking about! LOL I never have enough storage space in my room so this was a good find! Also found 3 big cool picture frames, for the bargain price of $14.

The shelf hanging on the wall with all the jars of embellishments, is what I got on my last
bargain excursion for $3, and the ribbon holder below for $5. The pop crate that my paints art stored in for $4, and even that big drunk that the stuff sit's on ... you guessed it, 5 bucks! All these , quality items from my "Dumpster Dive" store over this past few months! LOL
My other storage goodies, where not quite deals as amazing as those, but I got them at a couple of the fun (not dumpster dive) antique stores in Fremont.
Deb and I went one day, and I found this cool metal thing that is holding my paintbushes ect.

I got a super deal on this cabinet one time when Jan and I were deal shopping. I about had to arm wrestle this crazy lady for it...Because she seemed to thing, she needed it.... WRONG..... MINE!!! LOL
Got the yellow stool for $5 , another times! Woo Hoo!
Man, I love great deals!

Well, these things really have helped me to organize all the STUFF I have crammed into this room! Plus, it's fun! I'm kind of a freak... I LOVE ORGANIZING! The deal is , I'm a Pack rat... I'm always sure I'm going to need that one thing... I really should just throw away.... So I have to label and organize all my art stuff, because if I didn't I'd never find ANYTHING! And sometime I still cant! LOL
Ok, now I have to stop organizing my stuff, and actually make something with it!! So catch you later!

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Pattyjo said...

Wow your not kidding! Those are unbeliveable prices! I will have to come visit you to go shopping! LOL
Wouldn't be such a deal with the plane fare. Heheh