Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Big ol' box a goodies

Woo Hoo, I got a big ol' box a goodies today, and I'm a happy camper! All the new "Fancy Pants Designs"
Chipboards , ribbon, papers, flowers,... the whole shabang! Play time for ME! LOL
Fancy Pants has some really cool stuff going on right now, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it!

Some other fun news is I've been asked to join the
"Page Frames" Design Team, and I'm so excited about it! They are the coolest clear acrylic frames that not only hold scrapbook pages, but can be altered. It will be an exciting new adventure. The best part of it is that my friend Kim Moreno is now Co owner, so it will be that much more contact I'll have with her. Sharly Balcean will also be on the team so it will be nice to have more contact with her also. She and I were on the Scrapmuse team together, and I've always been a fan of her work. She is one talented girl.

My computer is up and running! YAY! THANKS to Jarad! He has been fairly patient with me, while I've been freaking out about not having my computer. I dont know what I'll do when he's not around here to fix things for me.

We are now in the sanding process after Dan patched and puttyed. WHAT A MESS! I tried to put away everything I could ,and close doors, but I can tell, there is going to be some serious dusting to do around here when this is over.

Paint will go on in the hall, hopefully tomorrow. I hope the colors look good, I'm alittle nervous. This house needs COLOR , that's for sure...but it's funny, as much as I use color freely on my art work.... putting it on the walls, for the long haul, it scaring me a bit. LOL
We'll see.


Nat said...

Wow - congratulations!!! That is aweosme with Kimmer and Sharly!!!

Jami said...

Congrats Vicki!!! How cool that you will be working with Kim and Sharly. Awesome company to be with. As for the dust. Just have to do ALOT of dusting when you are all done and it will be well worth the extra work. Your walls will be gorgeous and once you get your new funiture in place you will be in heaven. {{{HUGS}}}

Catherine said...

heavy sigh, I just love the Biggest Board....LOVE it. I hope it comes in at the LSS and SOON!! LOL. Have a wonderful day.

Amanda said...

The page frame stuff looks really interesting - I can't wait to see what you do with it!

I am sure the colors you're painting will look gorgeous - you have an eye for design, and I'm sure that doesn't just apply to scrapbooking.

Pattyjo said...

You must love your mailman, delivering to you all the boxes of goodies all the time. He would be my best friend. LOL