Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A meeting of monarchs

It was getting dark out , and they were pretty high up, so I really had to zoom, so I didnt get as many good shots as I had hoped, but these turned out pretty cool.
As it was getting dark tonight, these monarchs were all over in the trees like crazy! It was such a cool thing to see. I just couldnt get over it! It was just pretty amazing!

Update on Molly... I took her to the Vet first thing this morning, and he seems to think it is just allergies that are making her breakout. She got a shot of prednizone or something similar , some antibiotic pills ,and some allergy meds. She is definatly not herself, so I hope this helps. She has had us all worried.

Thinking I would be taking her to the Vet today, yesterday I decided to give her a bath. I do it out on the deck, so I have to carry buckets of warm water out there from the kitchen , through the patio door. Well...... after I was finished, I was upstairs doing something, when I heard the washer starting the rinse cycle. I needed to add fabric softener, so I ran down the steps and through the kitchen... not noticing that I had spilled some water when carring it out to the deck for Molly's bath. NOT GOOD! Unforunatly for me , I having been keeping up with practicing the SPLITS! LOL After regrouping , and realizing nothing was broke, I got back to my chores. I knew my knee was going to have a huge bruise... but it takes NOTHING for me to get a MONGO bruise, so I'm used to that. I didnt give it alot of thought , untill I went to get out of bed this morning. OH MAN! My knee, leg, ankle, and back all ... were SO SORE! It was a rough day...since I started out wrestling a 70 dog to the Vet by 9am. I'm going to bed soon!!!

One good thing to day.... My class at Memory Trends in Vegas sold out! Yippee!


becky said...

amazing vic! congrats on your class selling out too! can't wait to see ya tomorrow!

Amanda said...

OMG - I'm so sorry you took a spill! I hope you're feeling lots better now. And I hope the pup is feeling better too!

And congratulations on selling out your recipe book class! It looks like a really FUN project! I am still searching for a place around here that sells crafty secrets stuff....

Jami said...

OMG Vicki I hope you are feeling better. I also fell a week ago last Thurs and did something to my back. Dang, I am getting to old to run. HAHA!!! I don't seem to bounce back like I use to, I am still a little sore. Hope you are much better. Congrats on you class selling out, that is fantastic. <3 Jami

Pattyjo said...

Its amazing how you can fall one day and not feel the real pain until the next day. It sure works out that way.