Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mr. Music please!

I'm so excited! While Wes was here, I had him help me out with getting some tunes for my blog... and guess what???? If you wait just a few will start.. and you can see the "Tilly and the Wall" video, down at the bottom righthand corner , and hear it too. Yippee!

Today was one of those dull cloudy, hum drum days. Pretty yucky weather, so I stayed around here most of the day. Dan spent the morning at the cabin, I did laundry, Wes slept in , and Jarad was still in Missiouri.
Jarad and Tyler are staying at his other friend Tylers on the way home tonight, but will be back in the morning. Sounds like that had a good time.
Wes had some friends from Wayne meet him here to head to a show in Lincoln tonight (Stevie Ray Vaughns brother) I think?, and he was pretty excited about that. They will be back here LATE tonight to spend the night, instead of driving all the way back to Wayne.

I'm hoping Jarad can figure out whats up with my computer tomorrow.... I need it! I have lots to do tomorrow. I was excited to get a email from Correspondance ART , requesting 4 cards and a clipboard. This week is going to be work , work , work!

I talked with Brent (nephew) for a while today. He starts his new job tomorrow! Good luck Brent!
Also talked with mom, after she got home from church. She said she was having a pretty laid back day also.
The weekend flew by.... Monday we come!


Nat&Jim said...

Vic - congrats on Correspondence Art!!! Hugs

Pattyjo said...

Hey thats pretty nice about the projects they want you to do.