Saturday, September 23, 2006


What a great day! Brent ,Diana and Nathaniel are just fantastic hosts! Everything was perfect. We had a great view of the airshow, the best company, and nice warm cozy house to be in, when it was chilly, and food that was totally unbelievable! I posted a bunch of photos, and some are small, but any you want to see bigger, just chick on, and Wha La... BIGGER!
We had so much fun! Visited, ate, laughed, ate, laughed...ate somemore, and laughed. We laughed so much ,and we so wound up, I think Brent and Dianas Neighbors think we are all nuts!
Jarad couldnt make it today, it was a pretty early start to the day, and he had to work last night.
Wes drove up to spend the day. Looks like he's showing Aunt Jan some pictures on his camera phone.

The air show was really somthing! We ended up having another suprise too. I dont know how Jan managed to keep this secret....but Keith walked outside and came back in , with a big sneeky smile on his face and said... can this stranger join us... and who was standing behind him but NEELY! What a SUPRISE! We knew she just got back last night, and would be SO tired, so we certainly werent expecting her to come to Lincoln. We were all so pleasently suprised! It was SO good to have her home , and with us! Smiles all around!
What's up... now Wes's hair is black and Neely's is Blonde? You just never know , with these kids. LOL
Wes thought he was being really tricky, putting his cell phone camera, put to the bionoculars to take a pic. I made fun of him...but it really worked!
I was saying ... I wonder what Grandma B would think of modern technology now. Could you imagine what our grandparents and Great Grandparents would think of all the things we have these days. Cell phones with camers, i pods, blackberries, DVD's, CD's laptops, ect... Like mom was saying , back when they were little they were lucky if ANYONE was there with a camera.

As always, we had so much GOOD food. Jan made this yummy cake. I made Gacamole, and Diana made all her specialties!!!

I never feel better than when I'm with my family. God, I am just SO lucky to have them!!!
Neely was showing her dad some of her pictures on her camera from Europe.
I loved the time in the car on the way there and the way back to just visit with mom. I feel like we dont get to do that as much as we used to. I dont know who is busier, me or her? LOL
We laughed so hard, watching Nathaniel, Wes and Neely all take their turn , riding Nathaniels New Wheels!

Everyone had so much fun! I was laughing so hard watching them ride, I was crying!
You have got to click on these pics to see them bigger, they are just way funny!

Yep, we never have any good food, when we get together. We all brought alittle something. I noticed I dont even have any photos of Brent and Diana posted. They were so busy running around being perfect hosts, I didnt really get that many shots of them.

These Grandkids love thier Grandma!
One thing about us... we may be a bunch of nuts, but we know what it means to be a family! We love eachother, support eachother, and love spending time together!
Grandpa would be so proud....he taught us well!

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Pattyjo said...

There is nothing better than family! You looked like you had the time of your life. We enjoy the air shows when they come here too. Your neice is so pretty!