Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Taking TIme

I love what I do , but from time to time , I have to remind myself that there are lots of other things I love to do , and I need to remember to take time to do them. I used to love to bake, but it seems there just isn't always time,(plus I get into it , if it's around the house). These pumpkins muffins (or bread , if you like) are just the best. It just isn't fall if I don't make them. SO... Today I finished making them. I started last night ,and had to run to the store for flour, before I could finish...Since I was short some. The house smells so good now!

The one thing I love about this recipe , is that it's quick and easy! It makes a big batch (2 1/2) doz I always cut back on the sugar, but you can also use baking splenda. They freeze really well. If you like moist heavier muffins...You'll love these.

Pumpkin Bread/MUFFINS

3 c sugar
1 c oil
4 eggs
2 (15oz) cans of pumpkin or 1 large can
2/3 c water
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp cinn
1 tsp nutmeg
3 1/2 c flour
2 tsp baking soda

combine all and mix with electric mixer. (HOW EASY IS THAT???) It says to pour into 3 loaf pans and bake 60 minutes at 350 I put in muffin tins and just bake until tops are firm... Just so that your finger doesn't leave an impression.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Busy Day,,,week

Today was a busy day... It seemed to fly by. Wes and I ran into Omaha today. We both had errons to run there, so we drove in together. He is in a upcoming wedding , so needed to take care of tux fittings, ect. His band is playing at the bar on Halloween, so he was looking for a costume also. (along with EVERYONE else in Omaha)!!! What a zoo!
Anyway, he wanted to check out Manglesons, so of course, while he was looking at costumes, I had to check out the scrapbook stuff. It's always fun to see all the Crafty Secrets Stuff they carry there. YIPPEE Anyway, I also ran across this! What fun! I new I had this matchbook album coming out in "Altered Arts Mag" but didn't even realize it was out already.
It's a matchbook album I did of my Scrapgroup friends.... Becky, Deb, Ruth and my sis , Jan.
All of the pages can be seen at Altered Book Club
if your interested.

It's going to be a BUSY week, any way you look at it. This weekend is Silverbella

on Friday. Jan(back row left, in photo) , Deb(back row middle) and I will be going. Our friend Becky (front row right) is a part of this totally cool event. We are excited to be able to atleast Friday night, since we wont be able to go for Sat. Jan and I are teaching 6 classes in Albion on Saturday, for there Big Birthday Bash
Once at the site, you can scroll down , if you want to see our classes. That will be a fun/busy day, especially after having a late night the night before.

Tomorrow will consist of going through class kits to see if we have enough for a few extras. Got a call from the Albion store on Sat, saying their are others who would like to take the full classes, if we can take them. Time to check supplies! LOL

I got my ScrapMuse Kit today, so I need to get busy with that. It will be a pleasure ...Since the kit is GORGEOUS!!! Amanda is doing a wonderful job as new owner!!!

I guess it's a good thing, I chilled a bit , over the weekend , when mom was out here, because this week is gonna have me hopping! It was so nice to have mom out this weekend. She is the absolute best mom anyone could ask for.

Well, off to bed for me... I have to get up right away in the morning and run to the store for flour, so I can bake the pumpkin muffins, I stirred up tonight... And then DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH FLOUR!! OH.... That is SO frustrating. Hey... But, it's a great pumpkin bread/muffin recipe... I'll share it tomorrow. It's the BEST!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Obsessed with paper

I'm pretty sure you can consider your self obsessed with paper when you do this! LOL This is a pennant/Valance I made out of Fancy Pants Designs Papers , for my kitchen window. I just love these papers and the colors , were just want I wanted....so...

Tracy was here from yesterday afternoon until late last night. She has been sharing her knowledge of Photoshop with me...and I'm doing my best to soak it in. I dont ever picture myself being a digital scraper... I love digging in with my hands and getting messy... way too much...but there are lost of times, when having some Photo Shop skills , would help me SO MUCH! She has showed me SO many things... my head is swimming! There is so much to learn,...it's endless! I will be happy just to know the basics for now. She is not only knowledgeable , but creative, so she was doing stuff that just had my mind reeling! It's just a whole new creative outlet! Thanks Tracy...My wheels were turning all night!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

You know your crazy when....

You take a picture of your TV screen! Yup! LOL I watched the Tilly's twice in a row! We have Satellite..so I watched them in two different time zones. LOL
How fun and exciting to see them on Letterman. It was fun to have mom here to watch it with us too. We talked to Jan and Keith a number of times before and after seeing it. This family was so crazy today! I talked to Neely on her cell after we saw it, ...the band was all together watching...but it had just started for them, so they hadnt seen their performance yet. Poor girl, she had to listen to her mother and I carry on like crazy women, when she hadnt been able to see it yet. Jan and Kieth are mid way between here and Nashville, on their way to see the Tilly's perform there tomorrow night. They made sure they got a hotel room that got chanel 3!!
Well the Tilly's did so well! We couldnt be prouder! Way to go TILLY'S!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dont forget to watch

Today I was on the running errons most of the day...this and that. You know how thing just build up and finally you just gotta hit the road and get it done! LOL
It's been cloudly and gloomy all week! YUCK! ...but I still took a few fall shots , just for the heck of it. This barn always intriques me... it's just up the road.

The mums and pumpkins are on my porch and the shot of the field, is through the trees in the back yard.

I saw this tree , and just had to stop. The colors were just gorgeous!


I cant wait!!!! Mom is coming out for dinner and to spend the night, so we can watch it together. Looking forward to spending some time with her also. Jan and Kieth are on their way to meet up with the Tilly's at there Show on Saturday night. Hope they have a fun and saft trip! Cant wait to hear all about it when they get back!

I swore I was heading for bed early tonight, because I actually fell asleep on the couch for a few minutes , I was so tired! Still working on my sleep schedual LOL Got up early this morning , so I hope I sleep good tonight! Cant get my sleep to adjusted... cause I have to stay up to watch LETTERMAN!!! YIPPEE! ROCK ON TILLY'S!!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some fun stuff

Hey , remember these photo cubes

from back in the day?
I found some at the dollar store and
altered it , for the heck of it. It was
really fun, so I'm thinking it might
be a good class project.
All the papers and die cuts are
Fancy Pants," Vintage Summer"
line. The little girl is Ara. She is
one of Jans little day care kiddos.
Actually , Jan took these photos,
and they were just so cute I had to
use them.

I always like to share new fun things, and this is for sure , one of them.

I saw for the first time at Memory Trends. It's called "My book" Adaptable Planner. It's a year planner but it's not only a planner but it has 16 ink jet compatable photo paper and sheet protectors throughout so can be used like a planner/scrapbook/photoalbum/journal... all in one. You can do layouts or photos for the front and back too, they just slide in the front and back. I'm so impressed with it! I'm definatly starting with mine in Jan. Just wanted to share this, because it was somthing new and different. I was thinking what a good gift idea it would be for some of the young working moms I know, who want to scrapbook but dont have alot of time, or alot of space to do it. They would have this with them all the time. (I'm thinking ahead about Christmas gifts) I met the girls working the booth at MT and it ended up that we had dinner with them...they were SO NICE! I think you can check them out at www.mybookplanner.com
I'm excited to start mine.

My sleeping routine is not going well at all! I think I'm going to have to start shutting the computer off earlier and reading or somthing, so I can whind down,and get to sleep. Last night I was still away at almost 4 am. Good Grief!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Feeling Festive

Actually the really arent being all that festive, they just want the carrot I'm holding, to get them to cooperate! LOL I'm trying to take a photo a day for a change at Scrapmuse... and the inspiration is about Fall thing like leaves , pumpkins, PICKING OUT HALLOWEEN COSTUMES It's a bummer to not have a cute little one to dress up SOOOOOO.....
Aly wanted no part of this , AT ALL. She just wants to watch squirrls. Molly will do just about anything for a carrot.
Oh man, what will I be like when I have Grandchildren???? LOL

cutting it close

I'm cutting it close! I've make myself this new promise to start getting to bed before midnight, and it's 11:59, so something tells me this will be a short post! LOL

I started the day off with a root canal....man am I glad that's over! Yuck!

Talked to Jan and Kieth and they had just talked to Neely. They did the taping for David Letterman today.(it will show on Friday night) and she said it went well and was really fun.She got to meet "Dave" and shake hands with him (twice) LOL Sounded like she was pretty excited when she called. She call from the show. They said they could here the audience clapping in the background, while the was doing "small town news". I watch it tonight, and it was so funny , when he was doing "Small town news" he kept mentioning "Apache Junction AZ". (wierd because , that's were my sister lives! ) Small world ,huh?

The album cover I posted tonight is one of the new wooden albums Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage has just come out with. (9x6). They are so fun to do! The little girl on the cover is a daughter of a really nice lady I met on a flight to Canada once, who is from Omaha. She hooks me up with darling photos of her kiddos , if I need something secific. Her children are darling!

Well, it's past my bed time now,... so I better call it a night! (Gotta keep on a sleep schedual!) LOL

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Little bundle of pink

Today I went with Wes over to see Pat and Katrinas new sweet little bundle ..Emmalyn. I didn't have much daylight , so I'm going back later this week to take some more shots of her with better light..But here are just a few a snapped quick. She is SO SWEET!
I have to tell you , it's really something to deal with the first time one of the childrens friends has a child. I still have a hard time believing it. LOL Pat and Wes have been friends since grade shool. We lived on the same street to Pat practically lived at our house.(or Wes at theirs)
I am just trying to wrap my head around him being a "Daddy". LOL
It was just so sweet to see this young couple so consumed and in love with this sweet little thing.
They are such good parents! They were really working together...It was SO CUTE. They call Wes "Uncle Wes" and it just cracks me up! She was born 1 day after Wes's birthday.

I had to laugh the first time Wes when over to see her, right after she was born. Before he went he said "I don't know, I'm not really crazy about babies"... blah, blah, blah. Well, after he got back from being their and holding her...he said, "Well, I guess ,she is a pretty cute baby", and then he went on about how he held her, and how proud they are of her ect... I think little miss Emmalyn, won Uncle Wes over! LOL
Pat and Kat, live on Pat's grandparents original farm, where his dad was raised. They take such pride in it. Even had a garden this summer.... how cute is that. Pat stopped by one day, with some tomatoes , peppers ect.. from the garden for Wes. Why do silly little things like that just almost make me teary. It's just really a trip, watching your kids grow up!

These are the only photos I took of the guys ,because I was in a hurry to get in and get a couple shots of the baby before the natural light was completely gone.

Next time....Photos of baby and MOM!

oh...the history

This post and the one below go together, I was just having problems uploading.
These two amazing murals are on the front of the Post Office in Snyder Nebraska. For a small small town, there are some amazing buildings, I'll say that much!

Can you imagine what some of these places looked like , in their day? WOW! I just kills me to see gorgeous building abondon and falling apart. I love to see people taking a interest in them and keeping them up. Some really gorgeous buildings here...just on main street.

I could see ALL these building,just standing at one end of main street.
There were literally no more than 3 cars parked on main street, and I only saw two people(and I think they were coming out of a bar). I just waiting for the day that someone call the cops on me.... wondering what the heck I'm doing taking pictures in some of the wierd places I go, to get a good shot.
(You can bet there will be photos of that little adventure , here on the blog!) ha

More below

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Endless Charm

I have to say photography has opened my eyes to so many things. I think I always saw beauty in simple things, but looking through a lens really makes me notice things I think I missed before. I am certainly not very knowledgeable about lens, sutterspeed, ect...
I still haven't read the manual for my camera, and don't know how to use all the settings.... But lucky for me , I have a easy to use camera. I am learning more as I go, but just from trail and error. My photos sure won't win any awards, but taking them, looking at them, and sharing them , is one of my very favorite things lately.

As I've said before, I have to give my brother-in-law , Keith credit for opening my eyes to this new art form , I enjoy so much. He was really the first person I saw taking photos of "things" not just people(in set groupings, saying "CHEESE". He takes photos of little things, details, architecture, colors,... A lot of the things we walk by everyday and never notice...But it's really cool, captured in a photo. He looks at photography from a totally artistic point of view... And it's so inspiring!
My nephew Bryce is a media major and his photography is just AMAZING. I was going to put a link to his gallery, but I realize it's one I had stored in my favorite, and was lost when Jarad re formatted my computer. I'll have to have Rhonda or Donna send it to me again. I'd love to be able to share it with you.
I guess I better explain these pictures, before a carry on anymore. ha!
Well, this is Snyder Nebraska, about 20 minute from here. It's were Wes was passing through when he got his flat tire.
When we went back to get his car, I decided to grab my camera and walk down main street.(about 3 blocks). Talk about cool things, you go by constantly and never really take in. I live 20 minutes from here , and have never really stopped to notice it. TODAY I NOTICED! LOL There was NOTHING going on in this town at all(and it was Saturday). But it was just CHARMING!

For some reason, I'm having problems with blogger again tonight, so I couldn't upload all the pictures I wanted to. I'll upload them tomorrow.

Um.... This part of the story isn't as pleasant. This old house sits out in the middle of nowhere, with cornfields all around it. (I mean...Right up to the back porch). I have always been so curious about this place, and was dying to stop and take some photos. You know how that goes...You always think about it , but never do it, right? Well, we were going down the road, and I decided that I WAS stopping to take some pictures. I was coming up on the turn off and turned on my blinker, and said to Wes, I'm stopping. About the time I turned onto the (MINIMUM MAINTENANCE) Road, Wes Said, "NO MOM....It's pretty muddy!) TOO LATE! All I'm saying about this is ..

got the shots

Wes drove

4 wheel drive

need a car wash bad!