Saturday, October 07, 2006

Country life

Well, we went to Wes's today, so Dan could help him put up the satelite dish, and celebrate birthdays. Jarad(again) had to work!
Boy all you have to do is take one step in this place and you can tell the guy is all about the music! LOL

I have alot of pics here, so I loaded them small, but if you want to see them bigger, just click on them.

The farm house is old, but quite charming. I was the original house, and how the family, like lots of others, have built a new house on the land. This house was just sitting empty for a couple of years. One of Wes's roomates family, is friends with this family. The boys have painted and really done alot of things around there to get things fixed up. The family is really happy to have the boys there living in the house, so that the house is being used , not just going to waste. Wes said that one time a while back when the family had (family company) there to visit, they even asked if they could show the family members how the guys had painted and fixed the place up.
The cool thing is , the guys have talked with the family alot about the history of the farm and house, and even have these photos of the house and family that lived there since it was built, up on their fridge.

The new house is with in walking distance of this house ,and the land around it is just beautiful. It's a wildlife conservation area, so no hunting! Wes saids the wildlife is amazing. In one way, it always makes me feel a bit sad to see all these old barns and outbuilding just rotting away, especially old farm houses. I imagine how much they must have meant to these families when they were building them. How amazing they must have looked, and how proud the families must have felt, and how HARD they worked to have them...... but it really made me feel good to see how proud these guys were of the work they had put into this house. Anyway you look at it , it's a good deal. Cheap rent for the guys, and a home the has tons of history to it, being USED , not just sitting , waiting to be torn down. The guys are learning "handy man" stuff ,that will be good for them to know someday when they have homes of their own. Wes was telling us all about the history of the family that lived in they house. The lady that lived there until a couple of years ago, when she was taken to a nursing home, and eventually passed away, was actually born in on of the upstairs bedrooms. He told us stories about how they lived and what they did , during the depression. I think its so cool that these kids are so interested in things like that.

Can you even imagine how amazing this barn must have been , when it was first built?
There were alot of valuable antiques left in the house, so those the family had appraised , and then sold, but lots of the little things that the elderly woman had in the house... were still around. It just tickled me , that things like a little kitchen plaque, a little embroderied note pad and pencil that hung on the door.. the boys had left up. The old paino is still there, and the boys actully use it , when they have their jam sessions. I guess everyone is different , but I have to think that little old lady would be happy to know her home is being used... I know I would be.

Wes, being an animal lover, thinks it's pretty cool...surrounded by the families (that live in the new house), animals, dog, cats, chickens, cows ect... He's never been around farm life much at all, and he said to me... you know on a farm animals really have a purpose , other than for a pet. (and other than for food)... Dogs keep the coyotes away from the chickens, Cats take care of the mice, Chicken eat bugs, and lay eggs.... ect He's learning all kinds of things huh? These are life lessons, ... the ones you don't learn in college. LOL

They are all music lovers, and have their music stuff all set up to use often. It's fun and it works for them! It's definatly set up to fit their needs. It's a guy pad! But I was so impressed at how clean things were. (they did know we were coming) LOL But I know Wes, and he likes things picked up and clean.
Wes gave me an artist paint brush set and a cool key chain for my birthday. (a card to ...and it was even in a gift bag)LOL You know they're growing up ,when they know enough to put it in a gift bag... not leave it in the walmart bag with the recipt. LOL

I have to give Jarad credit too, he told me happy birthday first thing this morning! YAY, my boys are grow'n up! LOL

The got the dish set up, we ate the dinner I brought ,and visited for a bit. I made a big crock pot full of taco meat and brought all the fixings for Wes and his friends ,who were coming out to watch the game tonight. He called on the way home to say thanks again for everything.

I was a really nice day! I felt totally loved by my family and friends! Thanks for all the emails, calls and cards. I am SO lucky to have you all in my life!


Nat said...

Ahhh -what a great birthday you had!!!! Love those pictures and can totally uinderstand the music setting - it is the same in my Jim's room - I love it. Every once in a while he just turns around from the desk, graps the guitar and plays - not much different to me - turning around and scrapping - hehehehe

Catherine said...

I love that old house Vic!! You should be so proud of your boy, I think he's turned out AMAZING.

Jami said...

Happy Birthday Vicki!!! You are such a beautiful person no wonder you kids are awesome too. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday. I LOVE that house and all the history. What a great place and learning experience for Wes. Happy Birthday again sweetie.

Pattyjo said...

Great pictures! I hope you had a nice Birthday!