Tuesday, October 24, 2006

cutting it close

I'm cutting it close! I've make myself this new promise to start getting to bed before midnight, and it's 11:59, so something tells me this will be a short post! LOL

I started the day off with a root canal....man am I glad that's over! Yuck!

Talked to Jan and Kieth and they had just talked to Neely. They did the taping for David Letterman today.(it will show on Friday night) and she said it went well and was really fun.She got to meet "Dave" and shake hands with him (twice) LOL Sounded like she was pretty excited when she called. She call from the show. They said they could here the audience clapping in the background, while the was doing "small town news". I watch it tonight, and it was so funny , when he was doing "Small town news" he kept mentioning "Apache Junction AZ". (wierd because , that's were my sister lives! ) Small world ,huh?

The album cover I posted tonight is one of the new wooden albums Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage has just come out with. (9x6). They are so fun to do! The little girl on the cover is a daughter of a really nice lady I met on a flight to Canada once, who is from Omaha. She hooks me up with darling photos of her kiddos , if I need something secific. Her children are darling!

Well, it's past my bed time now,... so I better call it a night! (Gotta keep on a sleep schedual!) LOL

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Pattyjo said...

Beautiful, beatiful frame! Your sooo talented!
I love root canals! The secret is the gas! Love the gas! LOL