Monday, October 02, 2006

Not for the faint of heart

Top three gross things I saw today!

1) These things are eating my plants to peices! They are gross!

2) It seems like every year there is some pest that is worse that all the others. Last year it was those yellowish ladybug things that stink... They were everywhere! Well, I thought that was bad... Now it's these creepy spiders! Dont know what the deal is , ...I better ask cousin Becky, she has a pest control service. All I know is they are Gross!

3) Well, just because my little toes seem to reach out for everything I walk by... I broke my toe this afternoon. I dont know what it is with me? I am SO clumbsy! I get in to big of a hurry sometimes. (and I should have put the vacume away!) Only I would pull this off, a week before I have to be at a trade show ..on my feet ALL day for 4 days! It's pretty amazing how something SO small could hurt SO bad. It's just getting more and more swollen and ugly by the minute. (Dont worry, I wont subject you to a picture tomorrow)!LOL


Nat said...

Oh no, Sweetie - I'm so sorry you broke your toe!!!! Big hugs!

Amanda said...

Oh Vicki - I am sorry to hear about your toe! I hope it feels a little better before you go to the convention!

Pattyjo said...

Oh that looks so painful! I'm sorry you did that, I'll bet you are to! Hate the spiders! we have Hobo Spiders up here. Ugg!