Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The secret is out!

Well, I think my sister has gotten a chance to tell the family now, so I can break my silence! Oh, it's so hard for me to keep quiet! Whew! Glad the jig is up!

My exciting news was about Neely and the band. They (
the Tilly's) , are going to be on
DAVID LETTERMAN next week. Now it looks like , they will be taping the show Next Monday ,and it will air on Friday! (Oct 27th). The email from Neely today, said that was the plan , right now. If things change , she will let us know. The left NY today for Iceland, and will be back in NY by Monday for the taping. They are pretty excited!!! I talked to Neely briefly yesterday, as she was on her way to sound check... but she was pretty jazzed! WOO HOO ! Go TILLY'S
How darn exciting it that????? All I can keep thinking is how proud Grandpa would be of all these musical grandchildren! Well, he would be proud of ALL is Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren, for all their accomplishments, but it was always a running joke of Dads, that none of his kids were musically inclined... and he loved music. We'll Dad , it just skipped a generation!!! LOL

You can bet everyone in the fam will be glued to the TV next Friday night!

Other than that exciting news, I have just been working on a few new things. Below are three cards I did today, using Crafty Secrets Hearwarming Vintage new Spring stickers. Arent the vintage images darling? SO CUTE!


becky said...

i am so excited for you and your family about neely and her successes! i can tell you are all just bursting with pride and THAT is just so cool!

Pattyjo said...

What awesome cards! Love them, love them, love them!
I am so glad you have a blog too!
Congratulations on the Letterman show, that is truely wonderful! I know I don't know a single person who has ever been on TV other than the news...My DH was on the news alot because of the fire dept.