Saturday, October 28, 2006

You know your crazy when....

You take a picture of your TV screen! Yup! LOL I watched the Tilly's twice in a row! We have I watched them in two different time zones. LOL
How fun and exciting to see them on Letterman. It was fun to have mom here to watch it with us too. We talked to Jan and Keith a number of times before and after seeing it. This family was so crazy today! I talked to Neely on her cell after we saw it, ...the band was all together watching...but it had just started for them, so they hadnt seen their performance yet. Poor girl, she had to listen to her mother and I carry on like crazy women, when she hadnt been able to see it yet. Jan and Kieth are mid way between here and Nashville, on their way to see the Tilly's perform there tomorrow night. They made sure they got a hotel room that got chanel 3!!
Well the Tilly's did so well! We couldnt be prouder! Way to go TILLY'S!!!!!!!!!!!


Nat said...

How cool - LOL - you made a picure of your TV-Screen! Sooo awesomem it went well for the Tilly's - wish I could have seen it, but in Germany we have our own "Letterman". Some concept, same show, wrong guy - LOL! Cracks Jim up every time cause he things it is just not right! Anyway - way to go Tilly's!!!

Pattyjo said...

Oh my! The Lettermans is no small program! That is quit an accomplishment! You must be so proud of them!