Thursday, November 30, 2006


I've been working on some projects for Christmas gifts. I found these cute wire baskets at the dollar store. I cut strips of tule(sp) and tied it around the edge of the top. The glittery white stars are just stitched to the tule. I'm filling them with girlie stuff like , body wash, lotion, ect..

It is FREEZING here today! I did all my running yesterday, so I could stay in today. Spent most of last night on the couch with a sinus headache after being out in the cold and wind. YUCK!

I certainly cant complain, if a headache is the only problem I have. My moms dear friend, Frances, is battling cancer, and it has been a rough road for her. Being the dear person mom is , she helps her out all she can, but I know it hurts her to see her friend suffer. She is in the Hospital again, so mom and another lady took her dog to the kennel for boarding , for her today. If that isnt a tribute to women and the bonds of friendship they form. I complain about running errons in this weather, and my 85 year old mother is taking her sick friends dog to be cared for. I did offer to come take her to take the dog, but she said , her and the other lady, were doing it together. Is that just the sweetest thing or what? Please keep her in your prayers.

It's tradition

Some things are just tradition. I'm having a hard time thinking about dragging out all the Christmas decorations, and when I do , I'm keeping it to a minimum, but the silly stockings always go up, no matter what. At the old house they use to hang on the banister, but here, I have to get a little more creative ,since there is no open stairway.
Weston's first Christmas 24 years ago, my sweet sister Jan, sewed the first stocking for him. I then embroidered his name on it. A few years later when Jarad was born (Dec 2), I was determined to find him a stocking just like Wes's. Well , leave it to Jan, she found one and sewed to together for him. I can still remember sitting in the rocker at the old house with him in the craddle right next to me , the second day he was home .. embroidering his name on that stocking, so it would be ready to hang next to Wes's on the banister. This Saturday will be December 2nd, and my baby will turn 21 YEARS OLD!! Where does the time go?

Well, Aly and Molly had to have different stockings, but they have stockings, none the less! LOL
I think it would be too sad for me not to put those stockings up , after putting them up every year for the last 24 years, so I guess someday, when I have daughter in laws and gradchildren, there will just be LOTS of stockings hanging on the wall! LOL

Update on Molly*
We found out to day that Molly does have thyroid problems, and will be on meds from this point on, but we are so glad to know what the problem was and what to do about it. ( and thank goodness the meds arent crazy expensive).
After reading up on it, we can look back now and see that she had every symptom. Two days ago , I didnt even know that dogs could have thyroid problems. Live and Learn. Anyway, they say the meds really show improvment quickly, so we are thankful for that.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesdays Turkey Day

Yep... Tuesday's Turkey day! LOL Well, here's the story, ...we LOVE turkey, so usually sometime during Thanksgiving week I cook one just for us. We have Turkey with the (big) family, on Thanksgiving,but this way we have left overs for sandwiches ect. So... today, the house smells like thanksgiving. What is it , that is so Comforting about that? It makes me want to take a nap. The smell of a Turkey cooking reminds me of Thanksgiving at home (at mom and dads), when we were all home, kids, running everywhere, everyone congregating in the kitchen, the windows all steamed over from the warmth inside and the cold outside, mom, in the kitchen with her apron on , mashing potatoes. Then finally everyone gathered at the long tables downstairs, that are filled with homemade food, Dad at the head of the table , and Gary saying the blessing. Sweet memories...... all that from cooking a turkey.

This is the felt project I was talking about , that I was working on. It's still cloudy and gloomy here, but decided to take the photo anyway. I cut the flowers by hand and then blanket stitched the edges. It has been so long since I have done an embroidery, I forgot how much I enjoyed doing it. I worked on this the other night when I was watching a movie with the guys. (I cant just sit and watch a movie... I'll fall asleep LOL)
I stuffed the flowers a bit with polyfill, and then stuck them on dowels. The dowels are just held in the clay pot with some clay. All the Felt is from
Lara's Crafts . Yes... they have more than wood! LOL Wow, I'm feeling like wonder woman today... not only did a manage to cook a turkey..but I gave Miss Molly a bath. ( The turkey was the easy part). The vet gave us this special shampoo to bathe her with . Great... sure...not problem...except that she will do ANYTHING to avoid a bath,and she weighs 70 lbs! Just to add to that , this "special" shampoo, needs to be left on for 15 minutes!!!!! YEAH RIGHT! Lets just say was interesting! I don't think, we made it 15 minutes, but we made it as long as I could keep her in!
It's not like, just giving her a bath is all there is too it... Then comes scrubbing the entire bathroom, from top to bottom........ ... Hit the shower myself.... And then wash the wet towels and my clothes! Whew! Maybe , that's why I wanted a nap, not because of the smell of the turkey? LOL
Off to dinner. ... How does a hot turkey sandwich sound?

Upcoming Classes

Here are some of the upcoming classes I was talking about. The first one is a doodling class. They will have a choice of the flower layout or the star layout. Judikins, has been kind enough to sponsor this class with the Diamond glaze to accent our doodling! Way fun!

Once again, I have to thank Lara's Crafts for the great wooden blocks for this photo block class. The papers are all Fancy Pants Designs.

This little musical fairy box is so fun. We are using the Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Fairy stickers, and accenting them all with diamond glaze and fine glitters. Each little box, comes with a little bag of little stars, and fairy dust.

Now , only one project left to finish. I would have had it done tonight, but changed my mind from b&W photos to color, so need to take care of that first.

These are all classes for Ben Franklin Too and Scrapbook Paradise in Lincoln in January.

Other than finishing up some of these projects, I got my Scrapmuse kit today,and did a couple of things with it. HOLY COW... it's a fabulous kit! I LOVE IT!

I also took Molly to the Vet today. She is still not getting any better, so today they did bloodwork to check her thyroid. We should hear something by Wed. Poor thing... we just want her to feel better. We do love our dogs , that's for sure!

I hope it's not so foggy and dreary tomorrow, today was GLOOMY! My internet connection was horrible because of it. I need to take some pictures of some things I've been working on, but I've been waiting for some LIGHT! Maybe tomorrow? Cant wait to show you the stuff I've been making with felt.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

R and R

Before I get very far into this post , I have to say... I'm SO EXCITED about the email I got from Amy and John today (Amy is my brother Ray's daughter). The email was so cute...
Announcing that they are expecting a BABY!!!!! I just couldnt be happier for them!!!

It's a bummer to see the long weekend come to an end. It was so nice to have a little bit of down time, be home with the boys both here, good food and some time to just chill. I even found my way to the couch , with a big quilt this afternoon ,and took a was HEAVEN!
But tomorrow is Monday...back to the real world. LOL Hope you all had time for alittle R&R also!
This is a free standing page frame I worked on last night. I took the photo of the robin , when I was at Jan and Keiths on day last spring. He was so cubby and cute, I just loved the way he was sitting on that snow covered branch with the really BLUE sky behind.
I used two 6x6 frames ,and hooked them together with ribbon in the middle. All the paper, ribbon and chipboard are Fancy Pants Designs.

I just looked and .... YAY..... Picture it Page Frames now has it's Design Team posted

I can't even tell you how much fun I'll having , designing with these frames! There is just so much that can be done with them. If you get a chance, you should check out the gallery, to see some of the amazing things the girls have done with them!

Busy week this week, with Doctor, and dentist appointments. Molly pup is not feeling well again, so I need to get her in to the Vet tomorrow also. They keep saying it's just allergies, but there just has to be something else they can do for here, she is just miserable.
Both dogs are going to be whiny tomorrow, I'm sure! They are always that way after getting spoiled with all the extra attention they get when Wes is home. They sit by my desk and look pathetic! (big sad puppy eyes , staring at me when I'm trying to work) LOL
Well.... wishing you all a wonderful start to the week.... Happy Monday!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

When was the last time.....

When was the last time you had THIS MUCH FUN??? LOL
I just could not quit looking at these pictures today! Have you ever seen a kid having more fun with LEAVES???
He was laughing SO HARD! You know how , when you laugh so hard, you can hardly catch your breath? Something so simple as LEAVES... made him that happy. It's true ,that smiles are contagious...because I can't help but smile when I look at these pictures! I think I'm going to print one off and hang it on my desk. There is NO way, I could be in a bad mood, if I was looking at that face! LOL
I spend most of today working on class kits. I had planned on taking some pictures to post here, but by the time I got to that point , it was getting dark already, so I'll do that tomorrow. I pretty excited to be doing classes using Fancy Pants Designs, Picture it Page Frames and Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage. All my favorite things!!! LOL
Hey, I also wanted to show you scrappers this... Big Picture Scrapbooking

You might remember me posting about these super friendly girls we met and had dinner with. Well, Lisa Flannagan was one of them , and she is doing this class with that fabulous planner I was raving about called
"MY BOOK" ..... check it out.

I love this quote , and it's SO fitting for these photos...

"And that LAUGH that wrinkles your nose touches my foolish heart." -dorothy fields

Friday, November 24, 2006

A Fun day with the Family

This picture of the Jayvier and Griffin, sitting in the chair together reading, just cracks me up. In the first place, they are "reading" guidpost from the Senior Center magazine rack, and the other thing is , Jayvier is "reading" his , so intently, and is UPSIDE DOWN! LOL Don't they look like they are having a serious descussion about what they've each just read? LOL

I have so many photo from yesterday, I wanted to share, I had to do it in two different blog posts, so be sure to look at the one below. I just wish so much that my sisters and family that live far away could be with us... I feel like I want to share tons of photos with them, so they feel like they were there. So those of you would check out my crazy blog, who arent family, sorry...but you will have to tolerate the over abundance of family photos during the holidays. LOL
My guys are at the table above... enjoying all the good food. And trust me , there was ALOT of it!
Kirstin and Nathaniel( sister Donna's Grandson), really hit it off. Nathaniel sure loves the little ones, and he is so good with them. Kirstin, is the best natured baby I have ever seen. I have never hear her her cry. What a happy happy, and CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!

Griffin (brother Dan's grandson),was enjoying the good food also. It was really good to see Christopher(brother Rays son). Seems like it had been a while since we had seen him. I didnt think he and Ray ever looked that much alike ,but after seeing this photo of the two of them sitting side by side, I sure see it now!

Neely's boyfriend Allen, must have been telling a good story at the table, because everyone, is sure taking it in. He is hilarious! What a sense of humor!

Virginia cooked the turkey this year. I've been so busy this week, with just getting back, it was so nice that she offered to do it. It was yummy~! Keith is the master turkey carver.

Look how much sweet little Kirstin,(brother Dans's Granddaughter) has grown. She's going to be walking before long.

Neely brought her laptop, so we looked at photos from the Tilly's tour and from the Letterman show. It was so fun to see. The photo of the magazine above is one of the new ones out, that I hadnt see yet. Neely is the one on the far left in the magazine .

Continued below.......


The photo above is us taking turns looking at Neely's photos. Neely sitting at the far side of the table, Wes standing next to her, then Christopher and his new friend, Neelys boyfriend ,Allen, in the blue shirt, Diana holding baby Kirsten,sitting at the end of the table , next to Jan , then mom and Linda. Standing behind mom, is Carrie, and Ray.

It was a beautiful day, for it being November in Nebraska! Lori had darling matching outfits she wanted Griffin and Jayvier to wear, but they wanted NO part of it! LOL, it's ok, they're little boys, they just wanted to play outside and roll in the leaves. The little ones had so much fun playing in the leaves, and I litterally filled a card in my camera, taking pictured of them!!! LOL Here are just a few.
I cant tell you one thing ,there is just nothing better than being with family. As you can imagine, there was NO shortage of hugs and kisses to go around!

Griffin had kisses for Kirsten.
It was so good to see Gayle(brother Gary's daughter), and Andrew also. They don't live all that far away, so I really feel bad that we dont see more of them. Gayle just stared a new job , she really seems to like , in Fremont,and Andrew has become quite the athlete! His Grandpa would be so proud.

I have so much to be thankful for in my life, but I have to say, MY FAMILY is one of the things I am most thankful for. I couldnt ask for a more loving family!

The only thing that could have made that day any better, would have been to have the ENTIRE family together, but we thought of them, talked about them, and included them in the blessing.... they were with us in our hearts!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's that time of the month at Scrapmuse! Time to upload our kit projects. So here are mine. Scrapmuse has fantastic kits every month, but this month was extra special, since the Papers from Dream Street Designs, where designed my our friend Amy Teets. The are gorgeous papers!

The tiny little baby feeties are Emmalynns. (Wes's friend , Pat's new little one)

The blocks I made for Valentines day. Of course the wood blocks are from Lara's Crafts. They have a variety of sizes to choose from. The blocks have photos of couples in our family. I'm missing a few, so hopefully tomorrow when everyone is together, I can get some photos of the ones I need to add.

The three little girls , were flower girls at Amy and Johns wedding. They were SO cute! And having a ball, as you can see.

The Chocolate lover is our very own Neely. This was a photo Jan had taken, and I just loved it, so snagged the double. LOL

The cute little cheerleader is Paulas grandaughter Victoria. This was taken a few years ago, but she is still very involved in cheer compititions.

The sweet little girl with the puppy , is my friend Pam's granddaughter, Gracie! She is absolutly PRECIOUS!

I can't wait for the December ScrapMuse kit!!! I saw a peek, and it's YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spend most of the day today, catching up on laundry and getting groceries. Man oh Man, we were out of EVERYTHING!!! I was drained after getting it all , and then putting it all away!Whew! I then made my dip for tomorrow , and my fruit salad. I have a couple other things tomake tonight, but it shouldnt take to long.

I cant wait to see the fam tomorrow!! Hope all of you get to spend some time with your families tomorrow, and eat some yummy stuff! Hope fully, I'll have lots of photos to share with you all!