Sunday, November 05, 2006

Friday night fun

Friday night was certainly a fun night at Silverbella. Jan, Deb and I all drove in to Omaha together, to atleast be able to attend the Friday night event. We had classes of our own to teach this weekend, so we couldn't attend the event as a whole. At least we got a taste. This was a great event that our friend Becky Novacek was as part of, and we certainly wanted be there to support her. I bet these girls had a fantastic weekend.

Everything was so beautiful, and there was a fantastic boutique after the class. The above projects are Teresa McFaydens.(Teresa at the top, introducing the designers). The beautiful boxes of Yummy fudges were Becky's.

The garland we made is being held by

Carolyn Peeler, would was one of the designers that took part in this event.

The photo of Becky and I turned out blurry,and we tried to get a photo of all of us together, but this got busy and, time just didn't allow.

Teresa made these beautiful party hats, and darling cookie sheet calendars.

All of the class supplies, came in these pink boxes. It was all just put together so well.

A lot of the girls that were there for the entire weekend ,and all the intructors were wearing their pj's.

The sign in photo is Jan picking up her name tag, being helped by Teresa's husband and Kimberly Kwan.

I sure the girls had a really fun weekend ....glad we got to take part in a little bit of the festivities!

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Pattyjo said...

What awesome hats! They all look like they are having a blast!