Monday, November 13, 2006

Fun with the Tilly's

Here's the link to "Tilly and the Wall" on Letterman, if you missed it. click here

We had a fantastic weekend with the Jan and Keith and the Tilly's. It was fast an furious and when by so quick , but it couldn't have been any more fun. On the way there , we talked up a storm and laughed till our sides hurt with the Jenkins. We stayed in Kansas the first night, and then finished the drive to TX the next day. We stopped at some of the coolest antique stores, and picked up some of the most beautiful trims and lace that I can use for projects. We were going to be tight on space in the car, so Jan and I both practiced restraint when it came to shopping. The Tilly's were coming from Austin, where they had played the night before. We pulled in at the Venue they were playing at , about the same time they did. We all went to dinner together at this fun pizza place down town. What fun! Those kids are just so sweet! They are so friendly, and fun. Being with them was just a blast!

It was time for them to head back for sound check. So we went back with them and chatted and took pics, while the practiced and did their sound check.

After doing this night after
night , they really have it all down pat. I'm so impressed with how they all work together, and how they are so positive about everything. They are basically married to eachother and that van they travel in , FILLED with equipment for weeks or months , when they are on tour in the States. I don't know how they do it, with out killing eachother! LOL In between shows they stop and buy "T" shirts , fabric and spray paint. They cut the fleece in to scarves . Then before the show they go out side, lay out all the shirt and scarves, and use a "Tilly"Stencil that Derek makes and spray paint the name name and their own simple designs on them. The fans buy them like CRAZY! It so cute , that it's something the actual band has a part in making. What a cute idea! They are all so creative. Here is a photo of Keyona and Jaime working the merch table , selling they CD's , records and stuff they made. The had sold EVERYTHING by the end of the night.

I was so blown away at the things their fans do for them and bring to them. They had so many gifts from fans , it was just crazy. Look at these dolls, on group of girls had made them. Barbies made to resemble each band member!
And it's so sweet , that the band takes time to talk with and thank them all so personally.

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Nat said...

Wow -what fun Vicki! That must have been a blast! LOL - love the barbie-Ken-Tilly's! I wish I would have been there with you!


Pattyjo said...

Wow there fans made the doll things? How wonderful!