Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gorgeous day!

I don't know how we got so lucky....This weather is incredible! What a beautiful day! I had the windows open..Just taking it in. I'm not ready to think about winter at all. I love a nice pretty snowy day, but after that forget it. I actually used to like winter,but any more..uh...Not so much! I'm trying to grasp the idea that Christmas commercials have started already!!! UGH!

Well, if you're wondering what these pictures are all about ... It 's just some of the pictures I've taken around town over the the past week for a photo challenge over at Scrapmuse
I chose architecture (-ish, like stuff) to photograph. I'm just amazed by the cool stuff you can find , if you just open your eyes a bit. The statues are from the country cemetery just up the road. I drive past is all the time...And have just really never LOOKED at all the beauty there, like I did when I was there with my camera. As for the houses, just thought they were cool and unique! Hey , who needs an excuse to take pictures right? I was just thinking about what a cool thing digital cameras are .... You take all you want and enjoy them, and share them with others, and it doesn't cost you a thing... Unless you choose to get them developed. Again... Wondering what our Grandparents, and Greatgrandparents would think of modern technology.

I'm counting down the day to leave to go see the Tilly's perform! It's getting closer! YAY!

I even have a new "Tilly" ring tone on my cell phone now! LOL


Nat said...

Love those photos, Vicki!

Pattyjo said...

Very nice pictures! I like your comment on the Tilly ring.