Sunday, November 05, 2006

Just the way we like it

I have lots of things to share again this weekend! It was a fast paced , kinda crazy weekend, but LOTS of fun! I posted photos from Silverbella below. These photos are all from our classes in Albion yesterday. What fun! I really wasn't as tired as I thought I was going to be. It all went really well. Thank God for Jan, I couldn't do this without her. We have so much fun! ( but put lots of hours of prep into these classes. Planning, cutting, putting kits together... Before it comes time to teach them.

These are just a few of the "Photo Blocks" some of the girls did. I wish I could have gotten photos of them all. Each one was so different from the other. All just as cute as could be.
My sweet new friend Pam at Lara's Crafts was so great to line us up with the perfect wooden blocks. THANKS Pam!

Everyone LOVE the word stamps from Magnetic Poetry! They were perfect for this project. I know I'll be using them ALOT in classes. I swear by their stamps! A big thanks to them!

Here is a photo of the Altered Photo Block Class! What a fun bunch of girls! This new building is just so nice! The space and the lighting were perfect for teaching!

Scrapbook Paradise does such a great job of lining things up. I've never seen a scrapbook store have more fun event for their customers, than they do. They always have something up their sleeve. They always have the latest and greatest, as far as product also. The eveny took the cake (literally), LOL , because this was their birthday celebration. The room pictured is just separate room, from the big Crop area. The crop area with all those who were cropping and all the store set up ect, was in a HUGE area just outside our room.(This is their new Fairgrounds building). They even had massages, it was in a sectioned off area, a massage chair and table , soft music playing , ect.. It's a very impressive set up....but the thing we love most is how welcoming and friendly everyone there is. I mean ALL the girls who take our classes are so nice. Some of them have been coming to our classes since the very first one, and we always look so forward to seeing them. (Maybe their just coming for the Chocolate! LOL.... We give out these scrumptious Chocolate Peanut butter Bon Bons to everyone in all of our classes)

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Nat said...

This looks like fun! I would love to take classes with your!!!

Pattyjo said...

What a nice big group of ladies! I love the block photos, I wish I lived closer!