Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A little Halloween Fun

Today, the photos are compliments of my wild child! Wes send me some photo of his gig last night in Wayne. I'm laughing my head off thinking about that suit he's wearing. ( not the shirt and clip on tie). It's the one Dan wore the day we got MARRIED! 25 years ago!! LOLOLOLLOLLO Oh that is hysterical! When he was home over the weekend , he asked if there were any old suits in Dans closet. He took some dress pants into the bathroom to try them on ,and most of them were to tight! I could hear him in there..."Geezzzz Dad must have been SKINNY!!" "I cant wear these"!!! LOL

Some photos of the band playing.

Not sure who the girls are?

I love living in the country, but not on Halloween! I miss having all the little tricksters come to the door. All of my friends and family certainly don't drive there kids and grandkids all the way out here, and I sure don't blame them. It was QUIET around here last night.

Cousin Becky sent me some photos of her grandkids , and they were darling! I should have asked her, if it was okay to post them , so the family could see.
How EVERYONE had a fun and safe night!

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Pattyjo said...

I love his costume! That is to funny about the suit! We are lucky if we get one trick or treater on Halloween. I love the country too, but like you I do miss the kids stopping by.