Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lots to tell

Is Molly just so sweet in this photo? (very deceiving) lol

So I don't for get to mention it, Donna emailed to day, saying how fun it was to see (cousin) Becky's grandkids! Thanks for letting me share them Becky!

Now... About one of Donna's. Rhonda said it was fine to post Bryce's website , so if you want to see some amazing photography... Check this out
Bryce Myhre

I'll post some picture of the other grandkids, next week when things slow down a bit....BUT, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of Donna grandkids. Today is NATHANIELS big day....And if I'm correct I think 10 is the big number for him. Hope he has a great day!
I've posted lots of photos of him here, on my blog. Handsome little dark hair guy!

Some other happy news I heard, was that Ryan (sister Jan's son) who lives in Colorado, maybe here for Christmas!!! Yippee! I miss him so much!

Ok, how about this for FUN!!! Jan and Keith asked me if I wanted to come with them to TX to see the Tilly's perform next weekend! I'm so excited!!!! Cant wait!!!

Tomorrow will be a busy day, so I don't know if I'll have time to post. Jan is coming to finish getting class kits ready for Sat. Then off to Silverbella, until late tomorrow night. Jan's spending the night here, and then we're off for Albion early Sat morning.

My other fun news is this Featured Artist at "My Daughters Wish"

Hope you all have a great end to your week! Cant wait to share photo's from
" Silverbella" and
our classes in

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Pattyjo said...

Thats a beautiful website with all those pictures...did you teach him? LOL