Monday, November 13, 2006

.....More fun with the Tilly's

Here are the set of Bears they each got. One resembling each member of the band. They take video and document things from each of their show, and everything along the way, so that's what Neely's doing with the camcorder.

The spend a lot of time before and after they show, getting their pictures taken with fans. That's what's going on in some of these pictures.

I don't have that many photos of the actual show, because it's always, very dark and very busy. Between the lack of light , the movement of the people and the fact that I don't want to miss anything, I don't have many good ones of the actual show. I did take a bunch with my film cameras also, but I don't have those developed yet, so I'll have to wait and see on those. Keith took tons, with his special lenses, so I cant wait to see them. The show was FANTASTIC ,and you just cant believe how much their audiences get into it. At the end my sweet Neely thanked us from the stage. She said "my aunt and my cousin came a long way to be here". I LOVE THAT GIRL!
Everything went really well, and the kids were excited to to playing the last night of their tour, and be heading for home the next day, after touring for so long. ONLY one mishap...
There was a sight edge,(drop off) on the side of the stage where Derek was playing guitar, and during about the second or third song, his foot went off the edge of it. They had to stop, because he hurt it really bad ,and couldn't stand. He was in a lot of pain, but such a trooper. I went and got ice and they got him a chair so he could sit and play,... And they went on to finish performing that way. After the show, and we all took a look, we realized it was looking really bad, and thought maybe it was broke. Wes and I stayed and helped the rest of the band get loaded up , while Jan and Keith took Derek and Jaime (now his wife) to the emergency room. One of the photos below is of them carrying him out to the car.
Turns out, it was not broke, but a very bad sprain. So they gave him crutches and pain killers , and let him go. They decided then to get a room , where we were staying and head out in the morning. Poor Nick had to be at the airport by 4ish to head back to CA. We all got to bed by 4am that night.

These photos of are Jan with Wes and with Neely. The photo of all the stuff outside the van, is when Wes and I were helping them load up at the end of the night. Can you believe they get all that stuff and 5 bodies in that extended van, and travel all over the country that way?

So it turned out, with it being the last night of this tour,.... Neely could ride back home with us. It was a bit tight,....But so much fun to get to catch up and spend time with her. I dont have a clue how Keith ever manged to get our trunk shut, with all that stuff in it!!! Oh man, it was FULL! We had brought a sleeping bag along ,and that was Wes was using at night, so Neely and I shared a bed,and she stayed with us, so she could ride home with us the next day. We drove it all in one day, and we were snug and bugs in a rug..With Neely, Wes and I all in the back seat... But it was SO FUN! We laughed SO MUCH!

Once we got to Jan an Keiths in Lincoln and loaded our stuff in my car, Wes and I took Neely to Omaha to her house, and got her dropped off. Then back home , unloaded Wes to his car and he headed for Wayne! I guess it was about 11:30 when we got here. Everyone was ready for BED!

It was a fun filled weekend , full of great memories!!! I loved every minute.

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Pattyjo said...

Wow he could have been hurt bad slipping off the edge of the stage like that, glad it was only a sprain.