Saturday, December 23, 2006

Baking day

I used to be so good about having all my Christmas baking done.......WAY ahead and in the freezer, ready to go. NOT THIS YEAR! I dont know where the time went?
Anyway, today, I got some done, and will finish up tomorrow. I have cut back alot over the last few years. The boys just arent around to eat it, and when we (the big group) is all together Christmas Eve, there is just SO MUCH! That's what happens when you come from a family, who has good cooks! LOL

You would think I could have just left well enough alone with the chocolate drizzles on the pretzel sticks but ...NOOOO.... All those pretty colors of sprinkles , were just calling to me! I guess, I just have a habit of letting the art... overflow into every aspect of my life. LOL Well... the kids will like em, right?

It was really nice to spend some time in the kitchen baking and listening to Christmas music today. (Another thing, I used to do for weeks, before Christmas) and did for the first time this year.
But I had Ryan , on my mind all day. Ryan (my nephew..sister Jan's son) was supposed to be coming home for Christmas, from DENVER!
Well, everyone knows what that means. NO flights out of Denver until after noon today, and wouldnt you figure , his flight was schedualed for 11;30 am. All day , we have been wondering if he would be able to get another flight. I talked to Jan late this afternoon , and she said he was looking into getting a rental car and driving. I was praying that would work out, because, as a mom, I knew my sister would be so sad if her boy couldnt make it home for Christmas. Finally, she called and said, he had gotten a car, and was on his way. I could just hear the lift in her voice. It will be the wee hours of the morning before he makes it into Lincoln ,but HE WILL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! YAY!!! Wishing him a safe and quick trip home! We cant wait to see him!!!!

It's late off to bed for me! Still LOTS to do tomorrow. I am looking forward to going to a holiday gathering tomorrow night at my friend Becky's. She is quite the hostess,and her home is decorated so beautiful... it will be a real treat! Let the festivities begin! LOL


janel said...

Your baking looks fabulous! Love how those pretzels fun! I am so happy that your nephew is on his prayers for his safety, and home in the arms of family soon. Enjoy!!

Pattyjo said...

OMGoodies! I think I need to look quick, my mouth is watering all over the computer screen. LOL