Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas photo shoot

I'm having problems with blogger this morning so, I wanted to show you these shots, and the bloopers, before showing you the one shot that turned out well, of the three of them,....but blogger is acting I'll post it later today. These top three pics were just so funny, I couldnt help but post them to share. It gives you just a little insite to what getting it all together was really like! LOL

It was so fun! These kids are so darn cute!

What a doll, huh?
She is like a sweet little angle baby! So so good natured!
Hows that for a sweet smile! I LOVE this kid!

Here's what it's all about! LOL Check out Jayvier!

The kids were dressed so cute in thier new Christmas outfits. I got tons of pictures, I wish I could share them all with you. I'll post the good one of the three of them, after while when I'm having better luck with blogger!

1 comment:

Pattyjo said...

Your pictures are very good! OK do you do anything bad? LOL
I love the christmas colors and they are so cute all dressed up.