Monday, December 18, 2006

December ScrapMuse layouts

Dont forget about my RAK. If your reading , post a comment or email me at and tell me to put your name in the drawing. I'm going to draw on Friday! Come on....dont be it. LOL Donna? Sandy? Cindy? Lori? Diana? Tammy?
LOL Didnt think, I'd say your name , did ya? lol better do it. (Geezzzz, you'd think I was giving away cold hard cash, or somthing? LOL) not even close...just a little fun.

We have been busy lining things up for a 85th Birthday Get together for our mom. For those of you who know my mom, we are also having a card shower. If you need her address, just shoot me an email and I'll get it to you. She turns 85 on the 29th of this month. To see her , you would never think she was turning 85! She does so well.
We will have the family here at my house on New Years Day, for a little get together , cake , ect. Winter is a hard time for this , as (sisters), Sharon and Donna, are usually home in the Summer, Nebraska winters are so unpredictable, and the Holidays being so busy. We may decide to do somthing else at a later day, when everyone can be there, but for now we just want to acknowledge this special birthday in some way. She is a special mom!!!
Yay, it's time to upload the December layouts for ScrapMuse. Here are mine. The top layout is of my friend Pam and her little grandaughter. Pam was one of the teachers I used to work with at School. We used to call her the "Science Lady". She would have so many cool "hands on" science type things in her room , for the kids. "I" learned alot in there! LOL Anyway, she does the same things with her Grandchildren. She is amazing... always teaching, wether it's about monarchs, flowers, eggs, or HISSING Cockroaches from Madagascar! LOL Yep... we even had those in our classroom. I wanna be a Grandma just like her... but I'm drawing the line with that! This is my neice Gayle (brother Gary's daughter) and her son Andrew. I took this picture of them on Thanksgiving. Andrew is growing up so fast. He's a good kid! And she's a good mom!
Here is Griffin" reading "on Thanksgiving. We had rented the Senior Center, so the reading material was limited. (He's reading a "Guidepost" and it's up side down!) LOL he does look pretty serious about it though...dont you think? LOL
Speeking of SERIOUS! Oh man, this kid cracks me up!
I got a little nuts with the paint on this one....but hey, I had fun!

Hope Tate, Taylor and Jerri all had GREAT Birthdays!!!


Anonymous said...

ok I don't ready regularly so I feel guilty asking to be put in your RAK drawing but here goes...please include me. When life slows down enough for me to have a few minutes for myself, I love to jump on and get a dose of inspiration and catch up since we never get to talk any more. Have a very Merry Christmas and we'll be seeing you after the holidays!

Anonymous said...

oops...I meant "read regularly"

Anonymous said...

I love your LO's!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!
Well to tell you the truth, everything you touch is GORGEOUS.
About the RAK, I also don't feel right about asking to be put in the drawing but if you insist go ahead. I wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Pattyjo said...

Your scrapbook pages are beautiful!!! That little guy is adorable, I can see why your aunt is in love with him!