Saturday, December 16, 2006

Gloomy day for a ride

Yesterday we took a little drive around the countryside, just to get out for a bit. The dogs love to go for a ride, so of course they got to go.LOL
It was a dreary day, that's for sure...but then again, it's December in Nebraska.

We went through a couple of small downs and checked out the old buildings. I LOVE that! There is just something that I love about old buildings. In one way, it's kind of sad to see things get left to get so run down. I'm sure at one time the people who lived in these places took alot of pride in them. I always wonder what they would have looked like when they were first built? Who lived there? So much History!
There are so many old cemetaries out in the country, I'm amazed at how many.

All you have to do , is say "Go bye bye" and Aly is in the car in a flash. Molly also, but she was sitting on the floor board napping. Lazy dog!

It really wasnt a pretty picture taking day, but I snapped a few, just for the heck of it.
This was an old fire station in Abby Nebraska.

We were going to go watch Wes's Band play in Wayne last night,but he said it would be really crowded, so it would be better for us to come to the one on the 29th. That's the new plan.

Jarad is back and worked 15 hours yesterday. I think he had a good time in KC last week, but he said it was very intense training. He was learning how to use infrared thermal spectrometry WHATEVAR!!! Over my head , that's for sure. He is now a certified "Theromographer".

My understanding is that is something to do with using this camera, to find "hot spots" in you know where problems are.

Dont forget to put your name in my for little RAKD gift!

I hear from some of you already, but I want everyone to have there name in. I'll draw a name next Friday.

I'm working on some Christmas projects... hoping to finish so I can post them later today. Having fun!


Anonymous said...

Vicki those photos are amazing. I love to do the same thing, ride around and wonder who use to live in that house and what did they do for a living? I never remember to bring my camera. I need to put old one in the car so that I have one with me at all times. I love your angels and ornaments. OMG they are GORGEOUS!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

Pattyjo said...

Your pictures were so pretty. I live in the country and find it wonderful. We have lived in the same home for 35 yrs now. I could never move.