Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Birthday MOM

Today(Friday) is our sweet ma ma's 85th Birthday!!! We are doing a card shower for her and then a family party here on the 1st... but wanted to say "Happy Birthday to her on her Special Day!"
Hey, maybe I should have her wear this altered party hat, I just finished. I never thought of that! Oh... if you know my mom, you would know that there is NO chance of that. Let's just say, I did not get my outgoing personality from my mom. She is pretty reserved. I dont thing this hat would be her thing. LOL
Actually, I needed to go into Omaha for some supplies on Wed so Paula came with me. (I picked up a party hat while at Manglesons, so I would have a templet) I knew my time would be tight, but atleast her, riding with me , gave us time to chat. Always fun to talk ARTSY stuff with her!

It's been so darn busy around here, (and probably will be until after CHA), that I didnt even get a chance to post here yesterday. Did you think , I forgot you? LOL

Today, I got to see someone, I havent seen for a long time, and it was so nice! James was a good friend of Wes's all through Junior High and High School,and was like another son, he was around so much. He now works and lives in London, so we dont see him very often. He is home for the holidays and called about stopping out. He and I laided out some things he is working on , with Photos of London,and memorabillia that he is framing. REALLY nice to spend some time and catch up with him! Great way to start the day!

Tomorrow we are going to Omaha , first thing in the morning to help Neely get moved to her new place. I need to get myself to bed, so that I dont start the day off tired. Too many late nights and early mornings lately. Whew!


janel said...

I am loving the picture of you mom and you......very special and precious! I will cross my fingers that you mom may surprise you and wear that hat...just to shock you! I will be looking forward to seeing more photos.Looks like you are having a great time, and I hope you enjoy the New Year and are safe and sound! Thanks for your faithful blog entries, you inspire me!

Pattyjo said...

I love the party hat you made! Its so pretty, I love the vintage designs you make!