Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Season of Giving

I don't know what the deal is with Blogger, but some people have told me , they havent been able to leave comments on my blog. Not sure what's up...but you know I always want to hear whatcha have to say, so email me , if you cant comment here.

************** Giving???????

The reason I'm bringing that up , is because , with it being the season of giving , and all, I decided I wanted to do a RAK. ( for those of you, not from the Scrapbooking world..and up on the Scrapbook Lingo...that's a "Random Act of Kindness"
EVERYONE who reads ....please play... (THAT MEANS YOU!) LOL Family, friends, scrappers...everyone.
Ether comment here and say you want your name in on the RAK, or shoot me an email, saying,... "Put me in Please"
I'll put the names of everyone I hear from in ,and have one of the guys here, draw one out ...on next Friday (the 22nd)

This will be fun! I found something cute , when I was out the otherday,and cant wait to give as a gift!


I had SO MUCH fun making these today! My plan wasnt to make this many, but ....well, like I said , I was having fun. LOL This is one of the cool AccuCut Dies I am in love with. I really had NO idea that they had so many Cool things going on. ... and right in my home town! This die is
A1203J if you want to check it out. I really needed to take a day to myself and just do somthing creative for me. I start to loose my creativity if I dont take a day like this once in a while.
Once I started making this , I just couldnt stop, so I decided I would make them for Table decorations for Christmas Eve. Afterwards , all of the girls , can have one to take home with them. I still have a few to make. (remember... I have a BIG family) LOL

The bottom angel , is made with new Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage that one will go to my dear friend Sandy! (CS owner)

I have another die to play with now... Yippee!


Kim said...

You my dear are AMAZING!!! Love these beautiful angels...
oh and put me down for that RAK :):)
love ya girl!!

Anonymous said...

put me in please.....LOL.

Nat said...

How cute are those angels! Love them. Ahhhh -put me in - LOL!

Anonymous said...

Vicki the ANGELS and AMAZING!!!

Pattyjo said...

I checked out that website and I have never seen so many differnt dies! Your angels are truely beautiful. You just have a gift for creating!