Thursday, December 07, 2006

The tree is up!

Well... I was WAY daring, for me this year, when it comes to the tree. I have done nothing but white lights for years. Very formal or Victorian ornaments... and lots of foofy stuff. This year I decided I wanted somthing really different , with color and much more whimsy. I absolutly love this green and blue together with silver... SO that's what I went with.
When I was a kid, I still remember when mom and dad used to go over to Ben and Betty's house (back in the 70"s), to play cards, and the first time I ever saw a tree with blue and green lights , was at thier house. It was beautiful! I loved it!
The light wasn't very good here, so it's hard to see well, but ,you get the idea. The guys around here love colored lights,and every year, they say, "why do we always have to have WHITE lights"...well, this year we have GREEN and BLUE! I think I've gone nuts! LOL Oh well, it was fun to do...and I can't wait to see what the guys say. (they probably won't even notice and the joke with be on me!) LOL

Jerri was here last night, (my cousin Craigs daughter), she's 14 . Her and I started working on the tree together, but she quickly got frustrated with my obsession with detail, on stuff like this.
LOL I am a bit quirky about things like this. She got involved watching a movie..... I think I was getting on her nerves. Anyway, we had a fun evening and the tree is UP! Whew!

I can tell you one thing...this summer I am going through my 8 big bins of Christmas stuff, and PURGING!!! It is RIDICULOUS!!!
I know me though.. I'll start looking through things, and get all sentimental about each thing... and get rid of NOTHING!

Can't wait to see my crazy Retro tree, tonight when it's dark!


Nat said...

Love this tree! Can I come over?

becky said...

so pretty vic! can't wait to see ya tomorrow!

Ann said...

I am going for a "tree in every room' this my kitchen tree with cookie/candy ornaments. Sam has a tree and we have one in our room. Just have to find one for toy room and bathroom.

Pattyjo said...

I love your tree and the decorations! Its hard to throw out memories. Once your boys get married you will start giving them all the goodies.