Sunday, December 03, 2006

Where did the weekend go?

Well today was Rhonda's Birthday (Sunday).... so.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her! Ha ha... you're 45 now too!!! tee hee! Hope your day was wonderful!
(Rhonda is my neice.. my sister Donna's daughter. We are 2 months apart in age. )
I'm the slighly older and wiser one! (okay...aleast older) LOL

The weekend flew by , once again. Jarad went out with some friends for his birthday. He didnt get carried away, so I guess I was worring to much.

This weekend I was house and dog sitting in Omaha for my friend John. He and his dad went to the Game in KC. John and I have been friends since 7th grade. He's good about helping me out with rides to the airport ect.. and help him out with the dogs when he is out is out of town.
I love these dogs, like they are my own. Foxy and Nicky, missed their daddy, for sure. They were all over him when he came in the door... but I did my best to spoil them , when I was there. (They are probably nudging him to pet them , right now) LOL

While I was in Omaha, I did make it to Hobby Lobby to check out the sales, and to Sam's club to pick up my photos and stock up on some things.
But the most fun thing I did , was have lunch with Neely. It was just so nice to sit and chat with her , one on one. I did'nt take any photos of that. The poor girl has a camera in her face enough, the way it is.

The other exciting thing that went on this weekend was , I had a meeting with Tammy at AccuCut on Saturday, and I'm going to be doing some design work for them.... so this new machine, is MINE! Yippee! I got to see the new things they have coming out for CHA in January, and they are amazing! It's pretty cool that Accucut is based in Fremont. After getting a tour of the building , I was just amazed at the size of the company. HUGE! It's in the "old Gambles Warehouse" for those of you who used to live here, or know your way around Fremont.
They make hundreds of dies ,and the die cutting machines. They are mostly sold to Schools, churches and Scrapbook Stores.

John, thought I was just taking a picture of the dogs. LOL.... I'm tricky with the camera! Better smile next time...just in case! LOL

See Nikki nudging him to pet her already? I did a good job spoiling her with lots of attention!


Nat said...

Love those doggie pictures!!!

Pattyjo said...

I love the picture of you and your neice. You are so pretty! 45...sheesh your a baby!