Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Work Work Work

First of all , so I dont forget to mention this,.... all you scrappers, need to check this out. "Page Frames", is celebrating their 5th anniversary, and they are giving away some great prize packages... so ...don't walk... RUN...check it out LOL (how was that for "hype"?) LOL

Wow, December always seems SO busy! The holidays are one thing, but then throw in tons of other things and it gets really nuts. I've done over 20 projects for Accucut in the last week and a half. Whew! I wish I could show you ...but i have to wait , since they are all done with the new CHA release dies. But just wait! Yummy dies!
I ran into Fremont last night to pick up some dies at Accucut, and dropped off a "get well" box , to my friend Deb. Poor girl has a terrible cold. Back in the day, (when I had time), I would have taken her Homemade Chicken Noodle soup....but she got Campbells. But the thought was there! LOL I thought some soup, crackers, scrapbooking goodies, and reading material, would make her feel better. She still sounded pretty rough when I talked with her on the phone today. Hope tomorrow is better for her.

Jarad should be home tomorrow night. I got an email from him yesterday, that said... "The drugs and great and the girls are crazy" LOL OH THAT KID! (so funny) He knows how much I worry, so he (and his brother) do their best to work me up! LOL

It will be a busy and music filled weekend. Wes's band plays Friday night, so we plan to go to Wayne to hear them. Then "The Tilly's" play in Omaha this weekend also, so Wes and I are going to that! Busy , but FUN... I LOVE listening to the kids Bands SO MUCH!!! I wouldnt miss it!

Man oh man, I was looking at the calendar for the rest of the month,and Diana, John(amy's john), Tate and Mom, all still have Birthdays!
Rons Birthday throws me off every year and I let it slip by , because it's January 1st. So better wish him a Happy Birthday also!

We are over half way through the week... we're on the downhill now! LOL


Kim said...

Nice hype there Vic!!! ;)
love ya!

Anonymous said...

I am so loving those angels - great work and TFS!

Pattyjo said...

I have the worst time remembering my brothers Bday too. Its Jan. 3rd. Its because Christmas just ended and you sit back and take a breath and that first few weeks in Jan. are over before you know it.So your not alone. LOL