Wednesday, December 27, 2006

yes there is MORE...

Well, today, was just playing catch I havent worked on any projects. So... twist my arm and I'll share more pictures from Christmas. LOL I just cant stop , because I want to share them all for my far away family to see, and this is the quickest, easiest way to do it, so... MORE pictures. This is the last ...really LOL

Jarad...playing alittle pool with his brother.

Geezzz... we never have any goodies..can you tell?
yes..those are moms date pinwheels and sourcream cookies. Are you drooling yet?

CUTE little Kirsten!!!
Amy and John

Jayvier, wanted that microphone to work... SO BAD!!!!

Lynsay and Kirsten were buddies! I think that is my favorite thing about the Holidays, is watching the cousins who dont get to see eachother often, spend time together. It's those moments ...when they are just talking and playing all by themselves , that I love to see. This family is SO BLESSED!


janel said... really do have a big family...and all those smiles....such memories and such fun! You were right those photos of all the goodies...makes me want to reach my hand through the computer. My aunt used to make those same date pinwheels, and I tried it after she died, and they were so time consuming...I decided I wouldn't do it again...I have a whole new appreciation of them...yummy but so long to make. Love all your family pictures!

Pattyjo said...

The children are soooo cute! How can anyone cut into those beautiful works of art? I can see where your talent came from. Those pies are amazing!