Friday, January 26, 2007

Heading out early

Well, it's about that time! Wrapping things up around here tonight and heading for bed at a decent time so that I can get to the airport EARLY tomorrow morning. I have to tell you... I'm ready for a break from this room.... it feels like I've been living in here lately! lol It's supposed to be REALLY cold here, while I'm gone. It's got to be warmer in CA!!!

The tags below are some that I stared working on quite some time ago. A little something for some friends I will see at CHA. I attached my little "Moo" cards to each of them.

All of the projects from here down , are all done with "Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage" Products. The new Acrylic stamps are the new product being released at CHA.
These are stamped on paper mache postcards from Walnut Hollow. The first post card was done using the "French Mail" stamps, and the Bird Image is fromt the Wacky&Wonderful Book.

The pink one was done with "Rosey Wishes"Stamps, Image from the Wacky and Wonderful Book and Papers from the "Classic" paper Pad. When I took the photo of the bracelet the Diamond glaze wasn't completely dry , so it is still a bit cloudy. Anyway, I had found this "Photo Art Bracelet" by "Renaissance Art" a while back so I stamped some of the small images or parts of images into paper and then punched them out with my EK Success circle punch.(it fit perfectly!). Put them in , added some glitter and bling and filled them with Diamond glaze. It was a quick fun project... now I wish I would have bought more of the bracelets. I'll have to see if I can find them online.

To my family... love you all... and I have my cell phone with me , if you need me for anything!

Deb... thanks for all your help this week!

Hope the next week is good for all of you... see you soon!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


My big project... finally!!!

This is the paper Wedding dess I did for the AccuCut booth for CHA. If you havent seen the Beautiful dresses Marah Johnson has done with their dies , you have to check out her dress gallery on her blog. Amazing!
This dress was alot of work but and an amazing experience that I am thrilled to have had.
There are alot of little flowers on here..thats for sure.. but luckily, with the AccuCut system, you can cut a number of them at one time. I even cut some out of tulle and it worked perfectly. Each of the flowers is layered larger to smaller, three times, and has a crystal in the center. The strips that make up the bottom of the skirt is one of thier new scalloped border dies.

The bigger pointed peddle flower with graduated sizes is a new die also. My favorite!

I really had no idea that AccuCut had SO MANY Fantastic dies !!! And right here in my home town! I was just totally blown away!
The flat part of the back of the dress is done with layers of a small leaf die. (lots of leaves!) LOL

After finishing the dress, I decided there was no way this girl was not having a bouquet.. so...

wah lah... she has one now!! LOL

Any of you who are going to CHA, stop by the AccuCut Booth and Check out the new releases. Booth 1651

(oh... and say "hi" to my girl) LOL

Better yet... come between 1 and 3 pm on Monday and do a make and take with me!

Ahhhhh.... feels good to finally be able to share this week!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A bit non productive

Sometimes things just dont go as planned , and today was defiatly one of those days. I had plans to get so much done and was looking so forward to working with my new stamps. The door and the phone kept me hopping this morning until a headache took over the afternoon. I finally had to just go lay down for a bit with my handy dandy rice sock, and it's better now.. not gone ,but better. Oh well, no point dewling on it.. tomorrows a new day. (and hopefully a productive one!)

I was hoping to have some fun new stamp samples to show you,but instead I'll share with you something else I found a while back that I think is a cool storage solution. (and a bargain too!)
Actually , the first thing, Jan (sister) found and told me about. They have them at Walgreens. They come with three(one of each size) in a flat clear plastic zipper bag, for $5. They are totally colapsable. You just pop them together and drop the hard canvas covered bottom in. I love them! They come in different colors. I got some for my scrap room also , but I loved the chocolate brown color of these , and it matched my main floor colors so well! We always have things sitting downstairs that need to go up, and it drives me nuts, so I put these baskets there, so we can acutally use them. Sure cant beat them for $5.

This is the other thing I found that I love. I found this at the Dollar store for $5. it's a Revolving Spice Rack.I just took the little shaker things off . I have lots of containers for all my embellishments in my Scraproom, but I love to have this one, with the "most used" stuff , to keep right on my desk. Actually it would work for lots of things. I picked one up for my mom , just to keep this and that in. Anyway... just wanted to share.

Here's to a productive day tomorrow!

The days are flying by

I can just see the day flying by at this point ,and it will be Friday before I know it. I'm on a mission to get as much finished up as possible, so this post will be short. It's already after midnight. I'm so excited because my new acrylic stamps from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage came today .. straight from the stamp manufacturer! HOT of the press! I want to stay up all night and play...but I know that is not wise! lol .. so off to bed, so I can check em out in the morning.

Wes came home last night and needed to do a couple of things in Fremont today. Since I needed to pick up a few things and get some things at the store so the guys would have something to eat while I was gone...we ran in together. We stopped at moms for just a bit . Long enough to say hi, and give her a hug.

Jarad started his new job this week, and it seeming to like it.. if he can get used to the crazy hours.

Yesterday, I posted the new Fancy Pants stuff, so today, I'm posting some of my new projects done with them. The little girl is Ara. Jan's (sister) little daycare kiddo. (like her own) LOL She is just such a doll. When I call.. she is in the back ground .. saying "Hi Aunt Vicki"... in this sweet little voice.

Hopefully tomorrow, I'll have some things done with my new stamps to show you! They are SO COOL! Until then....

Monday, January 22, 2007

Fancy Pants Designs Sneek Peek

Yippee!!!! We finally got the go ahead to post a sneek peek of some of the new product Fancy Pants is releasing for CHA. I decided it would be easiest to post some photo here, so I didnt have to size them.(lazy me!) There is alot of cool new stuff ,that's for sure.. I only wish I had thought ahead and taken photos when it was still light out. Instead, I just tossed some things out quickly and snapped a few photos. Tomorrow I will post some projects I've gotten done with the new goodies. Since I've already posted twice today, I figure thats enough! Whew! LOL

Fancy Pants Designs has a blog now also Miss Fancy Pants Check it out!

and heres a link to the new paper lines NEW PAPERS

Check out these cool stamps!

These cards are so fun too, and the new paper lines are gorgeous!

This is the second post today,... so check below..

Thinking Spring?

Ok... I had to come back and edit this post because I just got an email with this link , and had to share it with you. When we were at Memory Trends, Fiskars wanted to do a video segment on using their cutters to make Spoolie books for their website. Sandy asked me if I wanted to do it... I said.. NO WAY! lol and I'm so glad Sandy did it! She did a great job... Here it is

Fiskars /Spoolie video

(just click on spoolie albums with Sandy)

Well... a little bit.. while I was working on this project anyway. LOL

This was made with all Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Goodies, for the most part. Papers ,Homespun cotton Scraps and Cardstock stickers.

The photo is of Dan's family just before church on Easter Sunday. (his youngest brother wasnt born yet in this photo). Dan is the little guy in the front row , middle.
I did a lot of machine stiching on this layout. I just love the look of stitching on these kinds of projects. And I was proud of myself for sewing those buttons on and not taking the lazy way out with glue dots , like I wanted to! lol (good choice.. I know) lol
This is about as close to spring as it's going to get around here...becasue there is still ALOT of snow outside! The bright spot is... I'll be in sunny Califoria in just a few days!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

More of the white stuff

We defiantly got more of snow again last night! I was up late, so atleast I got some work done. I normally don't wait up for the boys when they are coming home anymore... Simply because if I did , I would NEVER sleep. Who knows about those two... They keep the craziest hours. But last night I knew Jarad was really tired since he had worked until 5 am Saturday morning and then had to go back in by noon. It was late , it was snowing hard, so the visibility was poor... So I wasn't going to be able to sleep until everyone was off the roads and safe.
While I was up.. I worked on this...

It's one of the new free- standing frames from
Page Frames.
The inside page is white corrugation painted and distressed. The chipboard letters are adhered on the front. I cut the flower and the bird out of felt ,and stitched on them. I'm loving these cool gems I found ,that I used for the stem. They come in a strip, or you can cut them separate. They are called "Crystal Sticker elements" by Mark Richards.

I used to love winter and love snow...But I have to say.. Not so much anymore......

but this is pretty.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday news

I am feeling much better today about catching up on projects.... It feels GOOD! I see light at the end of the tunnel! LOL

It's been a fun week around scrapping. Amanda had the very had decision of picking 4 new Design Team Members from the many Talented entries she received. We are happy to have these four scrapers joining our Team! Welcome Girls!

Nathalie Kalbach
Rebekah Robinson
Michelle Clement
Bernadette Henderson

As each day goes by and it gets closer and closer to CHA , I get more and more excited about the new Stamps Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage is announcing. Click HERE for a Sneak peek of a few of them. HERE is one of my very favorites! They are going to be so cool!!!

Whenever Jan(sister) and I teach classes together, people always ask us if we have other sisters and if they are crafty? Well, let me tell you... There really isn't much my mother and sisters cant do. They all have their homes decorated beautifully, can sew like crazy (hand and machine), and could cook Rachell Rae under the table. They have all done all kinds of crafting,sewing , ceramics ect over the years. I walked into my bedroom and took a photo of some samples of Brazilian embroidery that my sister Donna has made for me. It's absolutely beautiful work! (now this is something "I" do not have the patience for.

I used to love to do basic embroidery,but this is WAY beyond anything I can comprehend. Donna is like my mom. Precise and perfect stitches! (not me) LOL

My sister Sharon used to have a ceramic shop in
her home, and she has made some amazing pieces. I'll have to share some photos of those next time.

Gee ... Now I suppose I'll make my brothers feel bad. LOL They are great guys , and I know they are very talented but..Crafty??? hmm ....Not sure about that? LOL That could be scary.

For today, I think we'll stick with my sisters! LOL

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Take some time to Chill! I think I will too!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Creative block

Why is it that when I need creativity the most .... NOTHING! Maybe I'm just tapped out or somthing, I'm not sure..but it sure isnt coming to me easily the last couple of days. Did I add , that this is NOT a good time for this to happening? Please send creative vibes in care of Vicki Chrisman!!! ASAP!!! LOL

As I was sitting here at my desk.. drying to force something to happen this afternoon, Wes called ,and asked if I wanted to ride along with him to Lincoln. He is a groomsman in a Wedding this weekend, and has rehersal in Lincoln tonight. It was at a Church really close to Jans (sister), so he thought I might want to spend some time with her while he was at the rehersal. Well, at first, I said, "oh, there is no way, sorry, I just have way too much to do ... I'm so far behind...blah..blah...blah... " After I hung up the phone I started to feel so bad, thinking how rare it is that one of the boys calls and asks me to ride with them somewhere, and seldom we spend time , one on one anymore. I called him back, put away what I was doing and gave Jan a call. I figured I wasnt getting much done here anyway, maybe getting out for a while will help?

The rehersal and dinner gave Jan and I just enough time to hit a couple of stores and grab a bite to eat. It was good to see her ,and the drive was nice. Wes and I both love music, so we constantly try to beat eachother out at, name the song or name the artist. He know's his music so , Over all he's the best .. but when it comes to the 70's .. I win, hands down! LOL

Now lets hope my little outing helps me to feel refreshed and inspired for tomorrow!

Today my little flickercards came, so I took a quick photo of them to share with you. The lighting is poor because it's late, but they really turned our well. You can choose as many photos as you like and they just repeat an equal number of each image. I just chose four this time. The photo has a almost canvas looking finish. kinda cool!

It's the end of the week! Enjoy! Remember... send creative vibes THIS way!!!!

Finally ..

I actually have some projects I can upload! lOl I've been working like crazy , but havent been able to post anything. These are my January projects done with my SCRAPMUSE KIT.

I'm comming up on my two year anniversary of being on the Design Team at Scrap Muse, and I have loved every minute of it. It's a great place, with such a friendly bunch of girls.

This layout is one done with a photo Keith(brother-in-law) took of Casey(cousin,Carls daughter), and I , when they were here last year.
The little container is just paper mache. The flowers on top are an AccuCut Die.

The is a picture I took last fourth of July when we (the big family) were all home. It's Dan(brother) and his Grandson , Jayvier, just going on a little walk- a- bout.
This is just out silly lazy "Miss Molly"
I altered a comp book, just to use for notes. ( I love making these, they are fun to make, quick and easy and make great gifts to have around).

I have to tell you ... tonight I was talking to Diana on the phone , and she was telling me that her sisters and mother in Mazatlan check out the blog when they get a chance. How cool is that? They get to see pictures of Nathaniel and photos of Brents Nebraska Family. Once again... the glory of blogging!
So from NEBRASKA to MAZATLAN.......... HELLO!!!! Thankyou for sharing Diana with us.. we love her very much!

Thanks Everybody who takes time out of their busy day to read!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I should know better

I was going to be SO productive today! yeah right! I should have know better than to ever start looking in this box! I'm such a sucker for old photos. My mom has this old box of photos of my Gram's that she keeps at her house, but the last time everyone was here(the day of moms party), we brought them out, so we could go through them. I thought it would be a good idea to have mom tell us who's who on the ones we didnt know, so that we could write it on the backs. Well, we ended up getting busy and didnt get to it. I knew I wouldnt have time to sit down and go through them with her until after CHA so we just put them in the front closet here until I get that over with. Well today, I opened that closet and saw that box sitting there! WHY did I ever start looking! I just couldnt stop! I have so much I should be working on... but those photos just pulled me in. I could have looked at them all day. Thank Goodness I didnt .... I disiplined myself! The only way I can express how I feel when I look at photos like these is, how I hear avid readers describe reading a good book... they just feel like they just crawl into the book and lose themselves. That's how I feel when I look at old photos of my family. I wish I could just crawl into that photo and talk with them, get to know them, find out what their life was like.

I dont know who all of the people in the group of photos above are,but may be if some of my family sees this , they'll figure it out. I'm not sure who the guy is putting the little one on the pig, but I thought it was funny.(top left). The photo next to the that , with the two women. (I know that the woman on the right is one of my grandpa Bendigs sisters), The couple is the middle is my Grandma and Grandpa Stoltenberg, The four women standing arm in arm.. grandma Bendig is the second in from the left. And in the photo above that in the top right, I have no idea, but it was the sweetest photo of a mother holding a baby.
The three men in chairs(Great Grandpa Stoltenberg), and in the other photo with the big group I know Grandma Stoltenberg, my mom, uncle al, Grandma Bendig, The bottom photo in the photo group is off this old boat. I have no idea where or who's it is , but what a cool photo!
Those where just a hand full of photos from the box. There is one lesson to be learned... mark or lable your photos!(I'm guilty of not doing this) Years from now... others may not know who those people are. There nothing sadder to me than to see a pile of photos that no one has a clue about.

Here was the other fun little treasure in that box. These are all hand stitched things my mom did in grammar school! How darn sweet is that? The one of the flag was unfinished, and still had the floss wrapped inside.

I was thinking how fun it would be for us to sit and go through this box with mom the next time my sisters are all home. Oh the stories these photos could tell!

Speaking of sisters... tomorrow is my sweet sister Sharons birthday! so ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARON!!!! We hope you have a fantastic day!!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

A little of this and that

Boy this post is just a bit of this and that! I missed a couple of days this past week, just because there has been alot going on. I'm going to try to get back on track now. I finished the BIG project I was working on. Yippee! It was a fun project, that involved alot of Diamond Glaze and glitter! Glitter... EVERYWHERE! LOL I finally finished up about 2 am this morning. It was funny because I showered before going to bed,and still , when I made my bed in the morning... you guessed it ... GLITTER! ???? Where did that come from?
Anyway.. I'm jumping around alot,but back to Diamond Glaze, if you havent used it before, OH MY, you just have to try it! I can not live without this stuff! I started using it a couple of years ago and got hooked. It dries quick and it dries clear! I love that. It looks great over images because it's dimensional and gives such a cool effect.
I wish you could see my fingers better, they were litterally so caked with Diamond glaze and glitter I couldnt bend them! LOL

I stopped at my favorite little junk/antique store , "The Junction" on my way home today, just for a couple of minutes. It's one of those places, you just have to stop and do a quick walk through now and then to catch if some new cool things come in. Well, nothing much today, but I did find this cute little framed cherub, and these two jars to hold goodies in my room. I dont know what it is , but I LOVE old jars, especially if they have an unusual style or shape. I love putting trinkets in them. Paula (cousin) and I were talking about it one day and I told her it probably stems from visiting Aunt Pauline on the Farm when I was a kid. She would have this old glass peanut butter jar on the window cil, and inside, would be , all these little odds and ends of things, every little thing she would find that a kid would like , she would put in there, and when we came to visit ,I could not wait to check it out. It was ,for example...
one marble... an army man, one barbie shoe, a little plastic chicken, a toy ring, ect... lol, just random stuff, a whole jar full!!! WOO HOO! Jackpot! I just loved it ,and went straight to it everytime we got there, just knowing she would have added some totally intriquing things.
What a cool memory! I hope my nieces and nephews have somthing fun to remember me by , like that someday. I guess we have to remember to stop and think...that sometimes it's the little things that really matter!

We got snow here yesterday, so I just had to post this photo of my little friend (atleast I think it's him?) looking in my window again. He looks alittle colder today huh?

This is the new AccuCut 2007 Catalog & Idea Book. I got it today, so took a few minutes to sit down and look through it. It was fun to be able to work on some projects for this Catalog.
**Designers for this Catalog .... Traci Armbrust (AccuCut inhouse Designer), Marah Johnson, Vicki Chrisman, Danelle Johnson, KayGentry.

Baby it's cold I'm putting another blanket on the bed tonight! brrr....
I guess I better not complain , even my sister in Phoenix was having problems with freezing water pipes! What's with this weather? brrr....