Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Back at it

Why is it ...Some days you're so comfy you just wanna stay in bed?

Remember me telling you about this cool thing , called "MY BOOK" ? It's this cool calendar/planner, with a place for pages you can scrap. I first say it at Memory Trends , when I met Lisa Flanagan... It's creator. I love this thing! Lisa was kind enough to hook me up...So now that it's officially the new year, I'm ready to get going with it. I finished the cover and the December recap page, before January starts. I just know I'm going to love this thing. It's not going to sit on my desk...It's going with my everywhere... I USING IT!

The photo to the right is of my room , after I moved things around to add my new dresser for storage. I used to have a big table there, but it was just getting too congested in here. You know, I'm a bargain shopper.... I found this deal at "Grandpas Used Furniture" for $ 15. WOO HOO, gotta love that! LOL

I keep forgetting to post these photos of magazines that "Tilly and the Wall" have been in. We had so much fun looking at these.

When I talked to Jan(sister) today, she was telling me that the Tilly 's have been nominated for BEST INDEPENDENT
INDIE GROUP. They will all be going to the awards Ceremony at the Holand Center this Thursday! GO TILLY'S!!!!

Here's a Tilly Video , if you want to check it out

Tilly in Berlin

Neely( niece) and Keyona

Jan(my sister) was also telling me about Keiths(my brother-in-law) brothers daughter. She is quite the young girl. She is in Uganda Africa working with Aides babies. And as she was walking , she felt a tug on her shoulder.. Someone cut the strap on her purse and ran with it. Thank goodness they didn't hurt her! Money, banking info, cell phone... Everything! Jan said that she was homesick during the holidays anyway, now this. Poor thing! Jan was telling me that going to Africa to work with Aides baby's is something she has always wanted to do. She had send back disc's of video and pictures for the family to see at Christmas. I guess Keith went out that day, and bought a DVD burner for his mom ,and they all watch them together. I cant say I ever did anything that meaningful when I was in my twenties. Thank God for people like that! Wishing her all the best!

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janel said...

Your new drawers are fabulous...your home looks so cozy and wonderful. Love your planner too....
I just googled Tilly the other day to show my daughter...so fun! Yea for her. I will include your niece in my prayers...I am sure that being away at Christmas was extra hard, and having her things taken has to be a stumbling block for her....she sounds like a wonderful young lady.
Thinking of you.