Friday, January 12, 2007


It's cold outside!! I had to run into Omaha to run some errons and do some shopping to day,and it was windy and COLD! But I'm glad I got it out of the way, because they are talking about a possible snow storm this weekend. If nothing else my feeties are going to be warm,because I found these CUTE slippers today at Target. I LOVE them! Silly little things like this ..Just tickle me!

I have to thank Kim and Tara from Page Frames for the this crazy stash of goods they sent!!! JACKPOT!!! Thanks girls!
speaking of Page Frames , I can tell you more now about the new product they are releasing at CHA. Check out the Page Frames Blog to see the new ROUND Page Frames! And Free standing Page Frames! I have some free standing frames sitting right here in my room, just waiting for me! Can't wait to work with those!

I have to say, as cold as it was , the drive was nice. On the way home , the sunset was SO gorgeous, I decided to take gravel road from Fremont home. Sometimes when I've been working in my room a lot, just to get out for a little road trip by myself, re energies me. I love to drive and have a CD in .. Playing LOUD! LOL That is one thing that might surprise some of you about me... I like LOUD music! I like a HUGE variety of Music. I have always loved music, but have no musical talent. I enjoy anything from Hard rock to a beautiful Hymn...Depending on my mood. I know that is wired ...But I really do! Today I was listening to "Guns and Roses" LOL

I'm a quirky one, aren't I? LOL
Enjoy you weekend everyone!!!!!


janel said...

Lucky you to have those gravel roads to special. What a gorgeous sunset. Stay warm. The cold is here and coming your way. Know those toes of yours will be toasty. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love your new slippies - and the stash looks heavenly! One of my favorite things in the world is having the sunset to look at from inside my home every night - and your picture is beautiful - and I miss my sunsets from RI....have a wonderful weekend....btw - got your envie yesterday - thanks for the goods - love them they are wonderful. Can't wait to make a little sumpin' with them!!

Anonymous said...

I'll be running to Target to find those slippers! Too cute!