Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fun stuff

I ordered some of these today Mini cards today! They are so fun! cute and little! Skinny.. about half the size of a business card. You can use your own photos and put what info on the backs that you choose. Of course ,because they're narrow, it crops the photo,but you control what you want cropped. You even have the option to zoom. It was fun. If they turn out ... I might do it again. These are the photos I used for mine. You can use as many photos as you want..up to 100. 100 is the minimum order, so how ever many photos you choose to upload , you will get a equal amount of each. All of this photos were ones that I took from my front yard this summer. SUMMER.... oh.... how I long for SUMMER!!! I used to like winter. WHAT was I thinking? YUCK! Winter in Nebraska is not fun, (unless is just pretty snow) that is going to melt and go away the next day!
On another note...I absolutly CAN NOT wait to share the project I am working on with you here!!! Patience Vicki... Patience! It has been alot of work ... but I'm SO excited about it! It is for sure size wise.. the largest paper craft project I think I have ever done.

Busy ,Busy ,Busy around here ,that's for sure...but life just seems to be that way for everyone these days , doesn't it?

A couple of things I have been wanting to mention and keep forgetting is ...

I'm so happy and proud of Jarad. He was offered a (new job) at work, more responsiblity and quite a jump in pay. He has decided to take the job, so he will be starting the 11pm-7am shift in a couple of weeks. He doesn't mind that shift (he's young). He will be taking classes three days a week for a while again, so it will be rough for a while but, He will still have 3 years to finish all of his schooling to complete his degree.

Also wanted to remind everyone that Scrapmuse is having a DT call , so if your interested , check it out. If your not looking to be on a DT ,but your a Scrapper, come on over...you wont find a nicer bunch of girls!


Anonymous said...

OOOOOOh, it feels like summer on your blog! I love those minicards....

janel said...

Those minicards are darling! Love your photos....a breath of freshness for me...hurry summer.
I am getting excited to see that "project" of yours...I am sure it will knock our socks off! Enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

Love those flowers!!!! Don't remind me on the DT-Call - lol -I
'm already biting my nails!