Thursday, January 04, 2007

I love nice people!

I've been thinking alot about NICE people lately for a couple of reasons. I consider myself to be a people person(although I do love my time to my self in my room to mess in paper)LOL I love to meet new people ,and have really gotten a chance to do that , doing what I do. The first really nice person I met in this industry was Sandy Redburn (Owner of Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage). She has been so good to me from the very begining! I consider her more my friend , than anything now. I love her (and her family) to peices! I call her and Cindy (CS graffic designer) "My Canada girls" lol
I have just been so lucky! ScrapMuse has brought so many cool people into my life I cant begin to tell you. Not just people who's creativity I admire..but really NICE, friendly , caring people.
The great girls from Albion, that make Jan and I feel so at home when we teach there. Jodi and Jared from Fancy Pants, My good good friends, Becky, Ruth and Deb that I met because of scrapbooking, and and the people I've met just from this crazy blog, my new friends at AccuCut, and on and on... JUST NICE PEOPLE! Ya gotta love em! LOL
Well, the reason this has been on my mind, is today, when I walked into Walmart, expecting to see one of the nice elderly people that smiles and greets me with my cart when I come in...
i come in to see a woman about my age practially yelling at the elderly woman, because she doesnt want to have to take her return to Customer Service . She was SO rude, and had the elderly woman so flustered. I just thought to myself... WHY? After she walked away, the elderly greeter, handed me my cart, and smile...but looked so embarrassed and upset. I smiled at her, and she touched my arm and said...(in a soft voice) "I dont know why some people have to be so crabby"? lol , is that cute or what? We chatted and joked for a minute and wished eachother at good day, before I got to my shopping. I just couldnt get it out of my mind. I keep thinking, why would someone yell at anyone like that , let alone, a little old lady? If anyone ever talked to my mother or grandmother like that... AHHHHH!!! Enough on that... anyway, feeling kind of icky about how people can act at times, I walked in the door to the box of goodies that Lessa from Creative Impressions sent! That girl is just a doll! She has helped me out so many times, and is a joy to work with. One of those truly NICE PEOPLE! All this got me thinking how lucky I am to have so many nice people in my life! You know who you are.... YEH YOU, ALL OF YOU!!!! LOL

These goodies will be used for Make and Takes at the AccuCut booth and Demos at the CraftySecrets Heartwarming Vintage Booth.
Thankyou Lessa, for taking me out of the "Crabby People" Zone! LOL

Here are a couple of things I've been working on that I can share. (so you know I really have been working)LOL Yep...more pic's of my sweet little Nephews! The layout above is from a Amy Teet's Sketch (photo is my nephew Jayvier)

This is a 8 1/2 x11 Page Frame . The photo is my nephew Griffin.

I hope you all enjoy all the NICE PEOPLE in our life today!


Anonymous said...

I can truly understand why you can't stop thinking about the crabby woman! It is kind of happening more and more taht is my observation! But you are a wonderful and nice woman and if anyone ever yells at you, let me know - I will pull Sauerkraut all over this person ;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree, it is so upsetting to see crabby, rude people. It always flusters them when you put on a happy face and say have a GREAT day! They just don't know what to say! xox. Cat

janel said...

The delightful thing for me is that I could tell immediately that YOU were one of the "nice" people...I think that is why I love your blog..your talent reflects your warm loving feeling of family and all people. You are a delight. Thanks for being one of the "nice" people. I am planning on coming to the make and can't wait to see what you created with these goodies. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Miss Vicki. I have a hard time with people being mean. And I've also known since I met you at SM that you're one of the nice ones. Hugs, friend!

Sharon in NE said...

I am enjoying nice people...I have been going through your blog and enjoying YOU thoroughly...