Sunday, January 07, 2007

Let there be cake!

If your not family this post will probaby bore you ...because it's all about FAMILY! I know that some people have separate blogs , one for family and one for scrap related things. I dont for two reasons. The first is because , for me the two are just two closely related... MY FAMILY IS THE REASON I SCRAP! and the other reason is ... TIME! LOL
So Today is all about Family.

What a nice day ,for moms Birthday get together! It was unseasonably warm and sunny. (much different than the weekend before)
It was great to have everyone here, that could make it. Mom brought along all of the cards she got from her card shower. She got over 70, and was just so pleased with each and every one of them when they came.

Jan had been in charge of picking up the cake and bringing it from Lincoln. She was not liking how bright the colors were, but we both commented that we were just so impressed and appreciative that they re baked the entered cake so that is would be fresh for us, instead of freezing it, after the cancellation because of the storm last weekend. That was so nice. And the cake was delicious! doesn't our mom look beautiful. Who would ever think this woman was 85 years old?

It wasn't just me snapping photos , of course... I was the hostess this time, so I didn't spend as much time with my camera, but... I can always count on the master... Keith!

I have to tell you... A couple of the Aunts..(who shall remain nameless) was doing the Prompting with the little ones and the cake! Ok it was Jan and I (who would have guessed). I'll I can say, is... We had fun and got some good laughed , some good memories and some good photos , so hey... It was worth it! ( and I don't think the kiddos minded either!) LOL

More pics below...

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janel said...

I am so happy that you do not have two for family and one for scrappers, because I would have missed sharing in your mother's special day. She is beautiful. I had tears in my eyes looking at every picture, as my mother died this summer, just a week before her 90th birthday. Enjoy every pecious minute, and savor the memories. Big birthday wishes to your entire family. I can tell she is a special person, and has a wonderful, loving and devoted family. What more could anyone ever want? Thanks for sharing! What a treasured entry.