Monday, January 15, 2007

A little of this and that

Boy this post is just a bit of this and that! I missed a couple of days this past week, just because there has been alot going on. I'm going to try to get back on track now. I finished the BIG project I was working on. Yippee! It was a fun project, that involved alot of Diamond Glaze and glitter! Glitter... EVERYWHERE! LOL I finally finished up about 2 am this morning. It was funny because I showered before going to bed,and still , when I made my bed in the morning... you guessed it ... GLITTER! ???? Where did that come from?
Anyway.. I'm jumping around alot,but back to Diamond Glaze, if you havent used it before, OH MY, you just have to try it! I can not live without this stuff! I started using it a couple of years ago and got hooked. It dries quick and it dries clear! I love that. It looks great over images because it's dimensional and gives such a cool effect.
I wish you could see my fingers better, they were litterally so caked with Diamond glaze and glitter I couldnt bend them! LOL

I stopped at my favorite little junk/antique store , "The Junction" on my way home today, just for a couple of minutes. It's one of those places, you just have to stop and do a quick walk through now and then to catch if some new cool things come in. Well, nothing much today, but I did find this cute little framed cherub, and these two jars to hold goodies in my room. I dont know what it is , but I LOVE old jars, especially if they have an unusual style or shape. I love putting trinkets in them. Paula (cousin) and I were talking about it one day and I told her it probably stems from visiting Aunt Pauline on the Farm when I was a kid. She would have this old glass peanut butter jar on the window cil, and inside, would be , all these little odds and ends of things, every little thing she would find that a kid would like , she would put in there, and when we came to visit ,I could not wait to check it out. It was ,for example...
one marble... an army man, one barbie shoe, a little plastic chicken, a toy ring, ect... lol, just random stuff, a whole jar full!!! WOO HOO! Jackpot! I just loved it ,and went straight to it everytime we got there, just knowing she would have added some totally intriquing things.
What a cool memory! I hope my nieces and nephews have somthing fun to remember me by , like that someday. I guess we have to remember to stop and think...that sometimes it's the little things that really matter!

We got snow here yesterday, so I just had to post this photo of my little friend (atleast I think it's him?) looking in my window again. He looks alittle colder today huh?

This is the new AccuCut 2007 Catalog & Idea Book. I got it today, so took a few minutes to sit down and look through it. It was fun to be able to work on some projects for this Catalog.
**Designers for this Catalog .... Traci Armbrust (AccuCut inhouse Designer), Marah Johnson, Vicki Chrisman, Danelle Johnson, KayGentry.

Baby it's cold I'm putting another blanket on the bed tonight! brrr....
I guess I better not complain , even my sister in Phoenix was having problems with freezing water pipes! What's with this weather? brrr....


Anonymous said...

Ohhh I wanna learn what you did with the Diamond Glaze. Talk about glitter - christiane and I bought each a different colored set of Glitter KI letters and sorted the doubles so we have both colors. There was glitter all over me and Christiane and the whole house- LOL!

janel said...

I was giggling to myself seeing the glitter on your fingers, and thinking that you must be glittering in lots of other places too.....those jars are great..and totally make me think of Iowa!

Pattyjo said...

I love the cute little angel. How cute..did you buy it? Your birdie does look awfully "fluffy".