Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mom's party

Here are a few more pictures I wanted to share. Of course there are always tons of photos of the kiddos because they are SO DARN CUTE!! and they dont run from the camera, like the adults do!LOL Although they may never know what there Aunt Vic's face looks like ...because all they ever see is a camera, in front of it!
Aly and Molly were behind the gate in the mudd room, and the boys were totally entertained , talking to them from the gate. And tossing them an occasional miniature marshmellow.

Ok, so maybe we let the cake thing get just a little bit out of hand! LOL, but it was SO CUTE! If you want to see the pictures bigger, just click on them.

Believe it or not I did get mom to wear that hat I make , just a couple of photos!!

We had so much GOOD food as always!
Amy and John even let me take some shots of them for a project I have comint up next month, with a couples/Valentine theam! They a are so cute together!

All around , it was a reallly nice day! I hope mom enjoyed it!

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Anonymous said...

It looks like a beautiful party, wish I had been there - that cake looks YUM!! LOL. I love the wooden clips too!