Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday news

I am feeling much better today about catching up on projects.... It feels GOOD! I see light at the end of the tunnel! LOL

It's been a fun week around scrapping. Amanda had the very had decision of picking 4 new Design Team Members from the many Talented entries she received. We are happy to have these four scrapers joining our Team! Welcome Girls!

Nathalie Kalbach
Rebekah Robinson
Michelle Clement
Bernadette Henderson

As each day goes by and it gets closer and closer to CHA , I get more and more excited about the new Stamps Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage is announcing. Click HERE for a Sneak peek of a few of them. HERE is one of my very favorites! They are going to be so cool!!!

Whenever Jan(sister) and I teach classes together, people always ask us if we have other sisters and if they are crafty? Well, let me tell you... There really isn't much my mother and sisters cant do. They all have their homes decorated beautifully, can sew like crazy (hand and machine), and could cook Rachell Rae under the table. They have all done all kinds of crafting,sewing , ceramics ect over the years. I walked into my bedroom and took a photo of some samples of Brazilian embroidery that my sister Donna has made for me. It's absolutely beautiful work! (now this is something "I" do not have the patience for.

I used to love to do basic embroidery,but this is WAY beyond anything I can comprehend. Donna is like my mom. Precise and perfect stitches! (not me) LOL

My sister Sharon used to have a ceramic shop in
her home, and she has made some amazing pieces. I'll have to share some photos of those next time.

Gee ... Now I suppose I'll make my brothers feel bad. LOL They are great guys , and I know they are very talented but..Crafty??? hmm ....Not sure about that? LOL That could be scary.

For today, I think we'll stick with my sisters! LOL

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Take some time to Chill! I think I will too!


Anonymous said...

hui - you gave me a heart attack reading my name - LOL! Love the embroidery!!!

janel said...

Absolutely beautiful...TRULY heirlooms in your house of tresures! brothers..I bet they know how to really "craft up" some in truth....they really are "crafty" All a matter of perspective.

Have a great one!

janel said...

Dang, I typed too fast and didn't spell treasures correctly. I hate that! Sorry. Going too fast...missed "your" too.

Anonymous said...

Oh Vic - that embroidary is so beautiful! My Grandmother could stitch like that too, my Mother can knit and cross stitch absolutely perfect things - me I just make messes with paper :-)

xox. Be seeing you soon.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the welcome, Vicki!! I looove those stamps!! Might have to order me some after they're released....=) happy Scrapping!

Pattyjo said...

That embroidery is flawless! You must have the best Homemade Christmas ever. They are very talented and there work is beautiful! Your mother is so awesome to have raised all these artist children, she is doing something right. I am still your #1 fan though!