Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Playing with pretty stuff

I have decided that I need to get myself busy working on some things to sell at the up coming April Scrapbooking weekend I'm teaching at , at the Lancaster Event Center in April. I have SO many containers that are sitting here, just screaming to be "altering" is the mission at hand. I have hat boxes , cigar boxes... containers of every size and shape.. and I am running out of room to store them... so this should solve a couple of problems.. right? Hopefully! I have a number of these wine containers that have been sitting on the shelf ... and I've seen them done up so cute by a number of people.. so these were my first project finished. I'll post the other containers tomorrow. I did notice after I posted these photos , that I forgot the gems in the centers of the flowers.. (I better go glue those in I don't forget)lol
Of course I had to use my new favorite stamps for the tags! Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage
Clear ART stamps.

Jan(sister) and I will be teaching 4 classes that weekend, and we always have a table to sell things we've made. It's a great opportunity to make some money and have a fun weekend with some really great girls. We always look forward to it.

I worked on these this morning , and then this afternoon made a trip to West Point to a New store that opened there call "Scrap'n Point". It was great to met Ruth the owner... who is just so sweet. Always nice to met someone in person, that you've only talked with on the phone.
I'm excited about the plans we have for some upcoming classes I'll be teaching there. It's a very nice store, with a great , well lighted work area.
I was looking forward to getting together with Paula(cousin) tomorrow , for a little "Creative gathering",but it looks like the weather is up to no good again... so it my have to wait. They are talking ice and blowing snow starting after midnight. We both live in the country ,about 20 minutes from each other... so if it's bad, we may have to wait. I hate driving in bad weather. And no sense taking chances.
Might just have to stay home and stay the fun for another day!

Sharing photos

Just sharing some photos tonight, since the projects I'm working on , I have to wait a bit to share.
Remember a while ago , me talking about how Wes was so into "Guitar Hero"? Well, Jarad just had to go out and buy .. and two guitars so he and Wes to play at the same time.
If nothing else, it was just like when they were kids, ...the new toy entertained them for a while , and at least they were HOME! lol Since the weather was so bad , over the weekend, they hooked it all up to the big screen in the back room and hung out at home, (at least for a while).
Wes was determined that I try it , .... I think so they could laugh at me! (it was not good). Good thing, I hid the camera first, because he was looking for it , to give me a little dose of my own medicine , with the "picture thing". I was in my pj's... playing a toy guitar... fat chance, I was going to leave a camera laying around!!!

Man, they sure look like they take it seriously , don't they? I though it was suppose to be fun? lol

OK, here is the other photo , I just had to share. I got an email from Dawn(niece) today, titled, "Here fishy fishy". This was one of the photos attached. NOW... if this isn't rubbing our noses in it. THIS is what our Florida family was doing last weekend, while we were snowed in???? lol
I think we need to come to Florida again soon! The guys can enjoy the fishing , I'll just enjoy the water and sun!!
Looks like Gary and Howard had themselves a good fishing day!
(Howard... is that a Nebraska "Huskers" sweatshirt your wearing? lol

Monday, February 26, 2007

Paper , Paint and Chipboard

This is a little project , I've had on my mind for some time now, and finally got around to working on it. I bought some of those (old ..non clip) clothes pins a while back, and I'm painting a bunch of them to use to hang projects from, like this. The base I started with on this project is actually part of a cardboard box that is torn and painted , then I built from there.

It's hard to see , but most of the flowers , the stems ect.. are all chipboard. All the paper, chipboard , and ribbon are all

I'm telling you what , I was looking through my stash of Fancy Pants Chipboard today, and they seriously just HAVE IT ALL, when it comes to chipboard shapes. (I swear, I have enough to build a house)lol. The possibilities are endless with it. They have done an amazing job with their chipboard. Stars, hearts, butterflies, circles, diamonds, ovals, squares, scrolls, swirls, flowers, birds, letters, on and on. It, just boggles the mind (mine anyway)lol So much to choose from...decisions , decisions.
Today was our 26th anniversary. We are quite the party animals. Dan is already in Bed (since he is up for work at 4am) and here I am at the computer. lol I did start the day with flowers and a nice card on the counter. 26 years? Man.. who'd a thunk it? lol

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lazy Weekend

It's been a lazy weekend at home.... but I'm not complaining.

Well, we've pretty much , been in all weekend, as we've been warned all week of the big snow storm coming. It really ended up , not being bad at all here. I talked to my mom, and I they got more snow that we did for sure. (just 17miles away). It's amazing what a difference just a few miles can make. We did get rain, thunder, lightening, ice, then snow. It was weird. You can see in some of the photos, the ice on things, that really helped hold the snow in place. The wind was pretty intense out here, though. I was trying to post , last night about 10pm and right in the middle , we lost power. I waited and waited, and finally got so bored, I just went to bed.

The power was off for a was a few hours. It was starting to get chilly in here....but at last... HEAT!

I've been working on some projects this weekend, but more than anything, I just seem to be making a HUGE mess of my room. I just keep getting ideas , and digging stuff out, but then now really getting anything done with it??? hmmm... Hopefully today will be a bit more productive.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Dollar store obsession

I do have a Dollar store obsession...simply because I can always find so many fun things to alter there. I stopped at the new Dollar store on my way home yesterday and found these bird houses on the clearance table for $2 , (with a purple dot...that meant you got an additional 25% off ) Woo Hoo.. now that's a deal! lol It was just flat, on the roof and side and painted (ugly), but ....

Check it out after adding some fun Fancy Pants Designs scalloped Chipboard for the roof and edges. I can do anything with that BIG chipboard!!! The heart, swirls leaves, and birds are all also FPD chipboard. All the papers are all from the KEWL line. New Fancy Pants CHA release.

Well, I'm feeling like I'm finally getting caught up on some of my projects ...and who know, if the weather does what they are saying it might, I may be stuck inside, and get even more done. We are suppose to be in for some major snow this weekend! (At least that's what they are saying now.. but that can always change).
Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Squirrel Tales

Squirrel Tales? lol just a little play on words. It just been weird how squirrels keep becoming the topic of conversation lately. After I tell you the reason I bought this 2 for $5 lawn ornament squirrel at Walgreens the other day... you'll see the lengths we'll go to , to entertain ourselves around here , at times. lol
You have to understand that we live in the country , surrounded by trees,... and Squirrels! The Squirrels seem to have one goal, and that is to drive Aly and Molly (the dogs) totally NUTS! Especially Aly!! She lays by the deck door ALL DAY LONG just watching them! Molly is truly more about'll be able to tell from the photos below.
Anyway, I decided to buy this squirrel and set it outside the door the other day to see what the dogs would do. OH my,Aly was beside herself. I finally had to put it away, because I was afraid she would have a heart attack. The funny thing was , how totally entertained we were by it for the LONGEST TIME! I would have Dan call the dogs in the other room and then I would sneak out and prop the squirrel up in one position, then call them in and... they would freak out, then we would move it, do it again, ect... finally(after about 15 minutes), I just started laughing!!!! Man can tell it's winter in rural Nebraska! We should NOT be this easily entertained!!!!!

Ok... so to explain the photo above. Today I had lunch with Becky and Donna. Becky has been having an on-going saga on her blog for the last few days about the scary thing that has been trapped in their fireplace. She has posted photos of tables and thing proped in front of her fireplace, blocking the opening , waiting for animal control to be able to set the trap and contain the squirrel (once they figured out what it was). Finally today there was a photo of the fat fellow being held up by the animal control guy. And then being released. It was a hilarious story. You can check it out here. Bec's Blog

Well, knowing I would be meeting her for lunch today I HAD to
pick up one of these little yard squirrels for her. I tied a little
ribbon around it's neck, and when we when up to pick up our
order, I set it on the table. When we came back, Becky saw it
and got a good laugh! We all did.(even people who weren't with us)

The photo I took , was of her , telling the squirrel story and using
it as a prop for her story. LOL Way to funny!
When you look at the photos of the dogs, I know it's hard to see
because it was getting dark, but the squirrel is sitting just outside
the door. Can you tell , WHO is focused? and WHO could care less?
Molly isn't even looking at it. I told you , she's all about rabbit's.
(I looked...they didn't have rabbits)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Up to my old tricks again

If there is one thing I never considered myself it's a procrastinator. I have never liked it when things pile up ... so I usually get on it right away. But lately, when it comes to projects, if it's something I need to get done, but I'm really not motivated to do, or it's going to entail, writing and article or something.(I dread). I can find a million ways to avoid it!
I have one of those sort of things going on right now, and I need to GET ON IT! I told myself "Vic, when you get up in the morning , you start on that right away, and just work on it until you get it finished!" That is the mission for the day!!! I Got up early, got in the shower and ...

cleaned out and straightened the bathroom drawers! What? Not that they didn't need it , but why do I do that? LOL Oh Brother! Please tell me some of you do this too! Finally ... I made myself get on task, and I got quite a bit done (on what I was supposed to be doing) !

I don't like posting on my blog without having something so show you, and since today I didn't get to make anything creative to share, I didn't think, I would have anything for this post, but then I remembered that I hadn't posted this new Page Frame I did last week yet. Yay! LOL I'm like a little kid. Posting without a project , is like a book without pictures! (okay.. a really lame book, without pictures!)
This was done on a 6x6 Page Frame. The girls are Paula's Granddaughters. The Flowers are AccuCut. Speaking of which... today is Paula's Birthday! Happy Birthday Paula!!!

Short post today...because, I'm trying to keep myself on task. (yeah right) LOL

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sometimes ...

it just happens... you just get lost in what you're working on and time gets away from you, right? Well , it happened to me last night. I had every intention of posting last night before I went to bed, but I got so caught up in this Altered project, that it was LATE , and I just needed to get to bed. I hate going to bed when I'm on a roll, and my project isn't finished... so I usually wont! But last night.. I finally gave in and just went to bed and finished it today, because I was getting so tired, I was afraid I was just going to mess it up.

I attached 3 big paper mache tags together to make this Altered project. I think the tags were by Walnut Hollow. All the other supplies ..paper, chipboard, cut outs, stamps,and ribbon, are all
Fancy Pants .

Here are the Four NEW paper lines Fancy Pants released at CHA

and check out these NEW STAMPS

Okay... did that get your attention? lol beautiful stuff huh?
If I tell you the real story behind this photo (don't tell anyone else okay?) It will just take all the magical, mystical, fun, out of this project..once you know. lol It was taken on Easter a couple of years ago , and she was tossing an EGG up in the air!
( I ruined it for you , didn't I?) lol

I guess I had Miss Neely on my mind today, since she left with the Tilly's for the UK tour this week.
Jan (sis) was telling me about them getting their upcoming Tour Schedule, and where they would be. I tried to write them down as we talked on the phone, but didn't get them all. I just now went to the website and they're all there so I copied and pasted them below. Wow... those kids are going to be hopping! What an experience!
What a sweetheart she is busy as she is , before she left the other day, she called to set a date to have us over for dinner at her new place before she leaves again. And to think, she schedules things to be able to substitute teach when they are between tours. Amazing girl!



















Sunday, February 18, 2007

Feb Scrap Muse Kit Projects

Yay, I love when we finally get to upload our projects we've all been working on with our Scrapmuse kits. This kit was filled with fantastic stuff. You know how I love Foofa I was in heaven when this arrived!
You can tell by looking at this first project .. I AM READY FOR SPRING! I think I may be jumping the gun , just a bit! I'm just really glad the weather was good this weekend since the boys were on the road to Colorado to Ryans. They called about an hour ago and said they were in North Platte, so they are in NE now,and should be home in a couple more hours.

This layout is about my Grandma. My memories of her and her house. The journaling reads:
Grandmas House
was always surrounded with the beautiful flowers she grew.
smelled like her famous cinnamon rolls.
was filled with crocheted doilies and handmade quilts.
was filled with all of my grandmas favorite treasures, collected through the years.
was homey and cozy, and was a place I loved to visit.

Here's a close up

This is Amy(my brother Rays daughter) and John at their wedding. I cant take credit for this beautiful photo. It was taken by my brother in law Keith. I just loved it SO much , I had to scrap it.
This is kind of different but... it was fun. I cut a heart templet out of chipboard and laid it down on the paper to paint the heart. then I used the wide piece of lace and my brayer in paint, and brayered on the painted lace pattern on the side of the heart. I punched some different flowers and used the negative like a stencil to paint on some flowers first, then added the punched flowers. I made a promise to myself to try to get back to doing more technique based things. I love techniques!

I've really been using my tracing wheel alot lately for some reason. hmm... I just get on a kick sometimes. lol

Here's my sketch this month. I'm not a digi girl, so hand drawn, is what you get with me.

Here is the layout I did , based on the sketch. The little dolly in the the photo, is my brother Dan's granddaughter , Kirsten. I took it the day everyone was her for moms 85th birthday party.'s me. geeezzz.. it's about the trauma of turning the big 45! YIKES!
Journaling says:
45? How did that happen? It just doesn't seem possible. 45 always seemed so "old" to me , especially when I was in my twenties and thirties. I don't feel old. Inside I still feel like the same person I was when I was 20, so it is amazing to me that I have children that old now. Where did the time go? If I dwell on it too much, I have to admit, it bothers me to think about being 45. I just still don't see myself that old, but you know what... I'm thankful for everyday! I'm happy, and hopefully, a bit wiser than I was when I was twenty. Ready to take on 45. So bring on the wrinkle cream... I'm in for the long haul! Life is good!

Check out the ScrapMuse Newsletter
Hope all of you had a fantastic weekend, and I hope you have a great start to the week!!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Valentine Brunch

What a great day! I can even tell you how good it was to get together with the girls today! I have really missed these girls. We used to try to get together once a month at a local coffee house and share the projects we have been working on ,but we have all been really busy lately, so it's been a while. It was great to sit down and chat... all of us together! Individually we get to see each other, and of course we email, but , to all be together was great!

These beautiful tulips were from Jan.
Sorry about the lighting on this photo. I wish I would have taken more photos, but you know how it is when you're the hosttess, you just don't grab your camera as often ,because your busy with other things. I know Becky took Pictures, So hopefully I can get those from her later. We put her camera on my tripod so we could get a photo with all of us.
We had Quiche and bite size pastry shells filled with sugar free whip cream and fresh strawberries and blueberries. (that will make up for the pile of calories in middle of the table) LOL CHOCOLATE!!!

Back row , left to right Sherri, Strong(Bec's sister), Ruth Rector, Jan Jenkins (my sister)
Becky Novacek, Deb Steenblock

It was fun getting things ready for the brunch. I used to loved to do stuff like this all the time, it just seems things have gotten to busy and I've gotten away from it. We had Mimosa, so I wanted to do something fun with this plastic red Val day glasses I found. I figured out the the base could be taken off , so I bought a bush of pink Gerbera daisies and took the centers out, cut the holes a bit bigger,and slid them over the stem of the glass, then tied a ribbon on before putting the base back on.
The crowns on each plate were made with an AccuCut die. I just cut each one out of a variety of pink and red patterned papers and added gems. The little gift boxes are also AccuCut dies. I filled those with pink, red and white scrapbooking embellishments.

These are the hearts and ribbons that hung from the light above the table. Oh.. How I love girlie things like this! lol
Why is it when you look so forward to something , the time always seems to go by SO fast? It seems like the time was just too short. I could have chatted with the girls all day. (well any of you who know me , know I can pretty much CHAT ALL DAY anyway, but you know what I mean.)
I really realize more than ever how important it is to slow down and enjoy the people that are important in your life. And taking time to do the things you really love to do! I love to Scrapbook, but I forgot how much I love to entertain, and decorate, and cook. hmm.. now that I think about it, I used to really read a lot, and embroider, and I'd love to volunteer at the humane Society,..... take a computer class, and a photography class,..... have a big garden,...... and learn to watercolor.. whew... I better go, I have a lot to do. lol

Friday, February 16, 2007

And the winners are.....


hey girls , will you please email me your addy's so a can send you your goodies. Thanks everyone for playing along... it was a ton of fun!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tomorrows Friday

Yay, it's been fun posting Crafty Secrets projects this week, and doing the RAK. Getting to hear from you, and making new friends has been a ball. I love connecting, finding out we have friends in common, checking out your blogs... all that! Plus I LOVE giving cool stuff away! LOL ,but in this case, I have to thank Sandy Redburn ,owner of Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.........for letting me be the one to have all the fun!!!

Here are a few more CS project to wrap up the week. This is done with paper from the Classic Paper Pad and the Cherub Stamp Set. The swirl background is done with a stamp. The cherub and the heart are two separate stamps. The ornate label at the bottom is from a sheet of frames an labels at the back of the paper pad, and then I just stamped the word "love" inside.
This card was done with papers from the Earthy Paper Pad and Stamps from the Bird Notes set. The crown, bird note and saying , are all separate stamps.

This is was just simple little thing , I had to throw in , because I just think this die, is so CUTE! This crown is a AccuCut die that can be used as a crown or a border (BR24OLC). I cut this out of Paper from the Classic Paper Pad. I love that you can make it as large or small as you want, and that those cute little diamonds are all cut out! Would these be so cute for a little girls birthday party, or what? (or even a big girls)lol
Speeking of Birthdays... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTINE!!!!
Today had a couple of fun suprises for me. First of all ... for some reason (probably because its FREEZING) no one had gone out to get the mail for a couple of days. ( our mailbox is a ways away). Anyway, when I brought in the mail today, there was a package in there from my sweet girl! My niece Neely. Look at these slippers and cute Hello Kitty Val day Card she sent! I LOVE them! And I am so touched , because I know when I talked to her the other day she was going to the doctor because she still couldn't shakeher cold, and The Tilly's are leaving one their UK tour on Monday. Poor thing! Not feeling good it hard enough , but to have to travel and perform every night sick.. would really be hard. I sure hope she gets some rest this weekend. Thanks sweetie! My feet are warm!!! and SASSY!!
Boy , it just must be the season,... I was sicky this week, Jan and Donna and Ron too! Hope everyone has a better week next week.
The other fun thing that happened today is that Amanda from Scrapmuse send me the nicest email and gift certificate ,saying "Happy Anniversary". I have been a part of the Scrap muse Design Team for Two Years this month. I really cant imagine what my life was like before Scrap Muse, to tell you the truth. I talk with those girls EVERYDAY! It's amazing sometimes how you stumble onto something and it just a perfect fit. sure to check in tomorrow to see if you are one of the names that gets drawn!